Daily Picture Journal: Day 4

Day 4: A picture of your night

A picture of my night, huh? My nights are all pretty much the same in these dark months!

Yep, thats my view from the ‘mill. With the after school stuff I do, it is hard to be able to go right to the gym to run. Its too dark/cold to run outside, and the gym is packed to the brim. So I wait until 6:45/7 o’clock when the gym is empty. So the above picture is what I look at for 30-90 minutes every night! There are some tv’s too, but I am too blind to read the closed captioning.

As a matter of fact, I am going there tonight to do an hour Zone 1 run. My legs were absolutely killing me yesterday. Everything was sore! PW and I went on a recovery run, 11:30 min/mile pace! I was cold and miserable. It did the job though, because I feel a million times better today!

This feels like the longest week every but I am holding it together–the weekend promises to be fun. An awesome work event Friday night, going out with the Math Gals on Saturday night, and a long run + PW’s Grandpa’s birthday on Sunday!

I stopped at Target on my way home today, and bought myself a little somethin’ somethin.  You see, I am VERY easily made happy.  I can NEVER find pairs of socks.  Like, ever.  Every time I run, I have to spend 5 minutes searching for socks and it makes me so mad!  Today, I took the bull by the horns and I am ALREADY HAPPIER!!

I am going to go put my new socks and slide across the kitchen floor! Oh, and eat something. But seriously, the socks!


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