A run in Numbers…

Today was hill bounding. Instead of giving you the typical “and then this happened, and then I felt like this”, I put together some numbers that pretty accurately describe the workout.

8…Number of times I bounded up the hill
2…Number of wind sprints I did (after repeats 3 and 6)
7…Number of miles I ran
3…Number of times I forgot what repeat I was on and had to calculate it in my head based on time
1…Number of Chipotle burritos I ate, post run
5…Number of weird looks I got from people driving by (Youre welcome!)
32…Number of snot rockets I blew
490…Number of calories I burned during the run (approximately)
12,750…Number of times my heart beat during the workout (approximately…and CRAZY!)

In summary…it was good.

Now, we are cleaning off the basement floor again. If you didnt hear…snow is coming! And perhaps rain. Which mean perhaps flood. Being proactive by getting stuff off the basement floor ahead of time! (Okay, we probably won’t get water in the basement again, it really only happens when it rains 10 inches in 2 days, or a foot of snow melts, but being cautious!)

Also, I wanted to share my work snack today, it was delish! Homemade pita chips (Joseph’s Low-Carb Pita bread) and garlic lovers hummus!


Back to basement cleaning and lesson planning!!  It’s already started snowing, I am hoping for NO snow day.  I would accept a delay though, I sure could use that extra hour of sleep this week!!


Back in the Saddle

No messing around with bruised ankles this week–I went in full force! Yesterday was an interval workout (I dont know if you would even call it intervals?). It was 75 minutes total with 2×20 min at Zone 2 HR in the middle. On the treadmill. My first hard effort in over two weeks (since the Great Bottle Incident of 2011). I was not prepared for how much it was going to hurt! Phew! I did complete it though, and came home and crashed hard.

Had to stay strong for today though…it was Faculty Bowling Day! My team’s theme was “Toy Story” characters. We had a piggy bank, Jessie the Cowgirl, Slinky the Dog, and I was….Little Bo Peep!

You can kind of see my new hair color (dark) and haircut in the above picture too. That is if you can focus on anything other than my zombie eyes!
Yes, I did bowl in that outfit too. And, in typical ThatRunnerChick Bowling Behavior…I stunk. No big deal though, we can’t all be bowler extraordinaires!!! Came home for a quick recovery run, the likes of which are now oh so enjoyable.

Tomorrow…hill bounding. Eight times to be exact.

I didnt want to go running tonight, but I managed to motivate myself by taking advantage of my Brooks ID deal and getting some new stuff! This is what I ordered (all pictures courtesy of BrooksRunning.com):

New Pair of Adrenaline GTS 11’s in size 7.5!

New pair of Epiphany Stretch Shorts

And, I figured I should a buy a new shirt to go with my shorts! An Ephiphany Sleevless Top:

Okay, time to hit the hay!

Guest Recipe–Risotto by Paul

I am terrified of making risotto.  It seems so intense.  And it’s hit or miss–once you ruin it, forget to stir even for a minute, its ruined.  Of course, I only know this from watching Top Chef.  My friend Paul decided to go for it, and sent me a step by step recap as he was cooking. I am going to repost it for you!! In case you want to picture this whole thing going down in real time, this is what he looks like:

(He is the one on the right, Ryan is on the left! Yes, Im pretty sure he cooks in a speedo too–those swimmers are a different type of people)

From Paul:

“So after having amazing risotto at a friends house on 5 different occasions I decided it was time to give it a shot. No particular reason for the recipe I chose, just googled risotto and boom!

Just for fun I added one portabella mushroom cap. It came out really well for the first attempt. I can’t wait to try one with shrimp or pumpkin or other seasonal specialities. Here are the photogs. Enjoy and good luck if you ever attempt!”

The ingredients he used:

1/2 cups water
2 cups milk
2 tablespoons butter
1 cup minced onion
1 clove garlic, minced
3/4 cup uncooked Arborio rice
3 tablespoons white wine
1 medium tomato
1 1/3 cups fresh corn kernels
1/2 cup grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 cup fresh basil leaves
1/2 teaspoon salt
ground black pepper to taste
1 portabello mushroom

And the step by step pictures:

And the finished product, paired with chicken and a salad!

Looks good right?? Maybe I will overcome my fear yet!

And, just because I have to get this off my chest, I had my first Peep EVER today:

And it was followed by 4 more. Because 5 peeps are a serving size, so it seems only right!


Do you like Peeps?


Have you ever made risotto?  Did you find it easy/difficult/totally worth it??

The foot bones connected to the…ankle bone

Yesterday afternoon, I noticed my lower back hurting.  I have never had lower back problems so I wasnt sure what to make of it.  It hurt to touch, hurt to walk, to lay.  Everything.  I ran through it yesterday and woke up to it hurting again.  “Can’t I catch a break?” I thought, in reference to the last klutzy injury I had.  I did my first hour running and was almost debilitated when I got home.  I tried the foam roller, hoping my whole back was tight.  No luck.

Then I thought…could it be my shoes?  This was a long shot.
I had heard other people say that back pain was how they knew they needed new shoes, but that had never been the case with me.  My telltale sign is pain in my little bow-legged knees!!  It couldnt hurt though–so I switched shoes for my second run.  While on the treadmill, it hit me.

Please remember, in addition to being an all-around awesome person, I am also a massage therapist. That means I took a lot of anatomy classes.  I can most likely tell you exactly what muscle is causing you pain, and why.  Apparently that only works on other people though, not self-diagnosis.

You see, every since I dropped that bottle on my ankle, I had been compensating when running, and I could feel it in my right hip.  Specifically, where my quad attaches.  I felt it and had been rolling it.  Guess which side of my lower back hurts?  YEP!  I feel victorious now that I know I 1) Didn’t randomly herniate a disk in my sleep 2) Am not actually injured!

To celebrate, I made beef stew for dinner, and it was amazing.

Anticipating a week getting back into the swing of things, runningwise.  I have 47 miles on tap, and I am looking forward to every single one.

And to hopefully making a trip to Nordstrom to try on some Tom’s shoes–the only thing I requested for my birthday!  I love the idea–you buy a pair, they give a pair to a child in need.  And, to make it better, I actually like the shoes!

Oh, PW just got home from running a TT in New Hampshire–I’ve hardly seen him this weekend, so I am going to spend some quality time with him!

Pancake Kind of Day

I love Saturdays!  Something about waking up with nothing on my agenda.  No alarm clock, no plans.  The only thing I have to do today is run 90 minutes.  Not a big deal!  I rolled out of bed and leaisurely drank my coffee while catching up on blogs.  Then PW got summoned to the QT2 Headquarters (kind of like the Bat Cave) for a LT test.  So, of course, my first instinct was to make pancakes.  I have nothing else going on!  I set to work making pancakes for ONE!  This recipe was perfect…made exactly two pancakes.

Pancakes For One

1/2 cup flour
1/2 cup milk
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1Tbsp olive oil
1 Tbsp sugar
1/2 egg (beaten)

I ate these while watching Teen Mom 2.  I cannot get enough of that show.  The new season starts on my birthday.  That day is also included in our Florida Extravaganza–those 4 days of non-stop massagin’ and runnin’, and then the following week of nonstop….running.  Again!  Outside, in the heat.  I cannot wait!!

This is kind of off-topic (well, maybe not, because this entry so far is about food and teen pregnancy). I am now watching the Rachel Zoe show (hold on, Im going to go all Running Off the Reese’s here for a second), and wondering how she was able to carry a child. At this thin, how is it even possible to get pregnant? Nevermind growing a child in there!

(picture from INFdaily.com)

Seriously, she is scary skinny!

I am off to the gym to continue with my reality tv streak. Perhaps I can continue to be snarky about it with my treadmill neighbor! I know, it is March and I am still on the treadmill–but, in my defense, its really cold and windy today. I just got rid of that cold and by gosh I am NOT getting another one!  I will also debate what to make for dinner. Any ideas blogger peeps?

WordPress relaxes…

Tuesday, WordPress took a day off.  Wednesday, I took a day off.  Fair’s fair.  No, seriously, WP was in read-only mode all Tuesday night, I only had a minor freak out then got on with my life.  Mostly because I was still so sick.  The sniffles were out of control!  Yesterday, I had a lot of meetings…and a RUN!  YEP!

First, I’d like to send a shout out to my immune system, because it is the bomb dot com.  Two days of sniffles and sneezes, two days of 3000mg Vitamin C, and some sleep, and I am as good as new!

No, thats not really how I consumed my Emergen-C, I put it in water! (picture from Google Images!)

I also ran yesterday.  I didnt run at all last week until Sunday, when I did 22 minutes.  My ankle hurt again, so I took Monday/Tuesday off.  Yesterday I headed to the gym at 7pm and ran my little heart out.  I did 30 minute Zone 1, which was way too fast for me to keep up with (I am super recovered from last week off!) and then 10 minutes ZR.  I am heading back over tonight to put some more miles back on my ol’ runners!!

The countdown to our Florida trip is now on!  And my 28th birthday, which I am trying to ignore.  We leave in just about 2 weeks, looking forward to putting in some serious outside miles and hanging out with the crew!

Missing the internets!

I have missed my blog this past week!

The combination of a recovery week and an ankle injury (I dropped something heavy on my ankle last week resulting in major pain!) has strayed me from my blog friends!  Have no fear though, because I am back.  I hope you enjoyed the interview with Ethan Brown I put up while I was gone–he is a hoot, right?!  He is even funnier in person!

Due to the injury/crankiness of last week, I am not even going to blog about it–I am going to fast forward straight to the weekend, because it was awesome.  I could not race the infamous half-marathon, because of the aforementioned ankle thing.  But PW could, so on Saturday morning we got up really early for the breakfast.  Here is PWs breakfast!

We then headed to the New England Multisport Expo to work.  I was working at the Fast Splits tent doing retail, and my talented husband worked the TimeTrial, running the computrainers!  It was fun, getting to see all these people we see so rarely (other than at races!) Unfortunately, by the end of the day, I was starting to feel a little sniffly.  (That was foreshadowing, people!)

We got home around 8 (after a mediocre Bertucci’s dinner) and hit the hay immediately!  Up an at ’em early on Sunday to head to Quincy for the half-marathon.  PW had a great race, even though he got lost near the end and lost about 1-1.5 minutes.  He ended up with a 1:16 and second place. I managed a 22 minute run, which was impressive since it hurt to walk that Wednesday!  Here are Andy and him at the start:

(Thats like a creepy paparazzi picture, right?!)


I crashed hard and napped for 3 hours post-race.  PW rode his bike for those 3 hours.  Then it was BIRTHDAY PARTY TIME! His mom made her awesome chicken for dinner, and then we feasted on Funfetti cake.  There are no calories when its your birthday cake, didnt you know that?  That didnt help me though, and I had my fair share!  Happy 26th to my husband!


I started getting more and more rundown at work today, until I was in full-blown cold crisis mode at 1pm.  Sniffles, red eyes, sneezing–the whole shebang.  I headed out early to try and nap it off.  You see, this week is MCAS week throughout the state–no calling for me!  I need to pull it together to be happy and confident for the kiddos tomorrow!


I feel so out of the loop–whats going on with you guys?? Anyone race this weekend?

Interview with Pro Triathlete Ethan Brown

So for this weeks interview, we have pro-triathlete and Olympic hopeful Ethan Brown. Ethan and I go back quite a ways, but I will let him explain how in the interview!  He’s a pretty funny guy, so make sure to read the interview all the way through (I definitely ask about his hair later on in the questions!)

1. How did you get into triathlon?

I grew up as one of those crazy age group swimmers who lives to swim, and when I got into high school I became equally obsessed with running. I had always wanted to do triathlons but was too immersed in my swimming/running careers to really commit to it. I went on to run cross country and track at the University of Michigan. While there I spent a majority of my time injured, so finally the summer before my junior year I got in touch with a junior triathlon team (Team Vortex) and did my first few triathlons. Mooseman was my very first one in 2005. I was 20th overall and had the fastest swim and run, but the 130th fastest bike 🙂

2. Where is your favorite place to train? What about favorite place to race?

My favorite place to train is Noosa/Sunshine Coast in Australia. I had the opportunity to train there for a little less than a month last year. It was amazing. Perfectly warm weather, good ocean swimming, and scenic riding/running. All the big names in ITU triathlon go there — you’ll randomly see the Bennetts or Javier Gomez just hanging out around town. Lots of awesome little cafes, too. My favorite place to race would definitely be Hamburg, Germany. The Hamburg Triathlon is one of the biggest in the world, and the pro race attracts hundreds of thousands of spectators. There’s nothing like it in the U.S. During the race the noise from the crowd is deafening. As a triathlete there’s not many places where you feel like a superstar, but in Hamburg the atmosphere is absolutely electric!

(pictures taken from facebook!)

3. What songs are on your iPod right now?

I’m mostly a Hip Hip/R&B kinda guy. We’ve got songs by Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West, and Lady GaGa. Lil Wayne makes frequent appearances on my iPod, too.

4. What is your favorite thing to watch on the trainer?

I go through different phases of watching things on the trainer. I would say “Law & Order: SVU” is always an entertaining option that I go back to. For my long rides I try to find movies (all different genres) on Netflix that are at least 2.5 hours to kill most of the time. I went through a phase recently where I was into watching Political Documentaries.

5. What products do you use in your hair to get it to perfect the “bedhead” look?

Finally we’re getting into the important stuff. My hair is in a great place right now. Because I’m swimming ~25k/week in the pool right now outdoors (I’m in FL), the chlorine and sun work to give my hair that perfectly bleached blond look. The chlorine makes my hair so stiff that I really don’t have to use any product in it. However, if I’m going out on a Friday or Saturday (or Thursday or Sunday) night, I go for some extra-hold hair spray to really lock things in.

6. How did you meet awesome ThatRunnerChick?

Well, I met Courtney in the summer of 2006 when we were both working at Fastsplits. Courtney was the most incompetent employee in the Fastsplits family. But then I was hired and brought incompetence to a whole new level. I had the pleasure of being forced to go to Trader Joes to buy flattened bananas for ThatRunnerChick, and I had to watch her cry after she failed her teachers exam (awkward!).

7. Anything you want to add?

Yes. I’m 25 and single, so any interested parties should leave a comment on my blog. Also, follow me on twitter: @EzEBreezy! Thank you for this great opportunity, ThatRunnerChick.

Okay I would like to add that it was the Science Teachers Exam that I failed. And instead of comforting me, Im pretty sure he laughed.  Ummm, AND, take note that I loved flattened bananas even back then!

I have quite a few funny Ethan stories but I will save them for future entries!!

Its International Awesome Day

First things first–people, its Pi Day.  I celebrated by having a tiny, unhealthy cherry pie at 1pm (not 1:59 pm).  Id like to send a shout out to all my facebook/twitter friends that sent out Pi Day Lovin’ to their math teacher friend (me) today!

I think someone should buy me this to wear next year:

Next thing:
Had my first blogger meet up today!  Turns out Megan lives just a hopskipandjump from me so we met up for some Panera goodness! I mixed it up today and got the French Onion Soup, sans cheese. Panera, you have failed me with your Chicken Noodle, I will never go back to it!
It was fun to meet another blogger. It turned out we know a couple of the same people.  Bonus: we got to gossip about the neighborhood.  Oh, and she is a triathlete and dog lover!  Expect her to show up on the ol’ blog again!

The next couple days should prove to be crazy. I don’t have to run today OR tomorrow (which is good considering my super bruised ankle, a story for later). Tomorrow, post school activity, I am going to get a haircut. It has been a YEAR since my last hair cut! Then, I am going to stake out somewhere and do some work/blog updating (Does Chipotle have wireless?) before heading to fun night time work activity! No point in driving all the way home, especially when I can take up residence in a delicious foodie heaven!

And for blast from the past (can you tell I was hunting through iPhoto the other day to find my “before” pictures?), here is the first picture PW and I ever took together! It is at the Appleman triathlon, 2005. And why yes, I am wearing a Smiths tshirt. I am too cool for school!

Epic, I know.  (Loved that PowerBar hat he is wearing!  RIP to it!)

I have a fun blogger interview coming up, with a professional triathlete. Stay tuned, I am hoping to post it tomorrow! With a haircut picture 🙂

By reader request…

I had a couple requests for more “before” photos…so basically, pictures from before I started exercising regularly and following the core. Here are 2, both from 2005/2006 ish.

The first is PW and I on our first vacation to Florida together. He looks fit, I look like I am about to face my death on that run (it felt like it too!):

I just look swollen. I was overweight, and running was a CHORE. There was nothing fun about it. The shorts I am wearing in that picture? The same shorts I wore in my first marathon (yes, I still have them 6 years later):

The other before picture is me working at a triathlon (in Holliston, for you locals!). I bought that Ironman shirt when I took my solo vacation to IM Arizona…but thats a story for another time! I was about 145 pounds here, I think:

Hated that picture! Original weight loss entry (how I did it, other before/after pictures, etc.) can be found here.

Onto the present….had pretty good runs today. First run, there was a killer headwind on the way out (which, of course, happens to be uphill!). That wasnt a big deal, but running downhill, with a tailwind, and trying to get into Zone 2 WAS a big deal! I was booking it, sprinting, just to stay in the zone! Made for a fun run though! I did my second run at the gym. Total time: 2 hours, total miles: 14.2

Holly nominated me for the Stylish Blogger Award (thanks Holly!)  You are supposed to link back to the person who nominated you, and then nominate 7 other people.

I nominate:

Matt (you better repost this, Turbeau 🙂 )
(I know, thats 8!!)

You are also supposed to put 7 things about you (notice a theme?), I always stink at thinking facts up for that sort of thing! I will try though.

1. My first half-marathon is on Sunday. I have run countless 5k’s, a few 10k’s, a marathon, and an Ultra Relay, but I am the most nervous about this half-marathon. I think it is because I am not good at suffering for long periods of time. Hence why 5k’s are my fave!

2. I love my job, and look forward to going to work. I also enjoy sitting around doing Algebra problems. Hence why the job is a perfect fit. It keeps me young too–I try to keep up with the youngsters!

3. This sounds terrible but–I can watch the news and see things about car accidents/murders and rarely cry (I do feel bad, but it does not bring immediate tears to my eyes). However, show me an animal in pain/bring mistreated–or god forbid, one of those Sarah Mclachlan ASPCA commercials and I cry like a baby. An embarassing amount of tears!

4. I watch way too much reality TV. Anything on Bravo–Real Housewives, Top Chef, anything.

5. I actually like the treadmill. And sometimes prefer it to outside. It keeps me entertained while running. I have a million distractions. Including the tv, my iPod, people watching, and controlling the speed.

6. I went through a very intense Tori Amos stage in high school. Yes, it coincided with my year long goth phase. I still love all those albums I listened to, but never listened to any of her new stuff. She was way ahead of her time!

7. I sit on my couch and laugh like a crazy person (with tears streaming down my face) while reading Damn You Auto Correct. That website can turn any day around. PW used to make fun of me, but then one time I caught him chuckling while on his computer and YEP–he was on DYAC!!!

Okay gals (and guy) I am looking forward to your seven facts!

I am off to try and sleep NOW so this time change thing doesnt mess with me TOO much!