A Week’s Worth of Workouts 2/21-2/27

Okay first things first, the daily photo journal.

Day 03 – A picture of the cast from your favorite show

Top Chef!

This probably comes as a surprise to…no one.  I have been a huge fan of the show since Season 1.  Richard  has always been my favorite contestant (PS, he totally should have won his season!), so I was really excited when he came back for the All Stars season.  He is in it to win it this year!!

Next up: Week’s Worth of Workouts!  This was my biggest week to-date, with a 10k thrown in for luck at the end of it!

February 21st -February 27th

Monday– 35 minutes (recovery zone)

Tuesday– 90 minutes with 2×10 minutes Zone 2

Wednesday-35 minutes (recovery zone)

Thursday– 80 minutes Zone 1

Friday– 33 minutes (recovery zone)


Sunday– 2 hours, warm-up, 10k race, cool down, then an hour on treadmill post race (15 miles total)

Total: right around 46 miles

Perhaps that is a factor in why I ate 13 girl scout cookies at work today. And why I have now requested PW hide them from me!!!

I am in serious need of a nap right now.  The first day back to work added to being away all weekend and a long run, makes me very sleepy!  I am halfway done with my race report…expect it later today!!

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