Weekend at….Ryan’s

My blog post title was supposed to be a play on “Weekend at Bernie’s”.  Didnt end up as funny as I intended though 🙂

So, I am writing this blog entry on the way home from Hyannis/B-water right now!  I will post it as soon as we get home to internet access.  I have about a million pictures to post from the weekend, so I think I am going to break it down into 2 entries: My race report, and then everything else.  So let’s start with everything else!

We drove to B-water to drop off our pups at the in-laws and then continued on our merry way to Hyannis, including traveling over the Sagamore bridge:

We stayed with our friends Ryan and Paul (perhaps you remember them from the Andrew Salmon Living Memorial 10k?)  It was a cute “little” cape house, in a neighborhood with the likes of Bob Kraft (yes, seriously).

Cape view!

This was our room (PS super comfortable tempurpedic mattress.  If Ryan ever invites you to the house, you should totally go if for this fact alone!)

We headed to a local Mashpee restaurant for dinner, Siena.  I hadn’t eaten lunch and was starving!  In typical ThatRunnerChick fashion, I ate 15 pieces of bread and ordered a large pizza.  I could not resist the pizza.  It was “The Alpine”—pesto marinara, smoked mozzarella, prosiutto, carmelized onions, and regular mozzarella.  Has my name all over it, right?!  Unfortunately, I could only fit 3 pieces in my belly due to all the bread (a poor showing!)–but that means leftovers!!

Ryan got a pizza too. It had eggplant on it. You wouldn’t know though, because it appears he just ate red pepper flakes for dinner!

We hung out at the house, watched Big Love, and digested a while before heading to bed.  This race has a super late start—10am, so no worrying about lack of sleep!!!  Woke up, the boys had applesauce I had a fruit leather and half a bagel (See, I made the race ‘not a big deal’ by not eating the breakfast.  I should have been more hardcore!)

Then the race happened, I PR’ed, ate 2 Double Latte Power Gels.  (Race report tomorrow, I don’t want to give too much out in this entry its already 100 pages long, so check back tomorrow for the OFFICIAL one!)  I hung out and waited for my peeps to finish the half.  We had a TON of friends racing, I cant even list them all!  So just know that PW Pr’ed and was 6th overall with a 1:16 half marathon! (Such a stud, right?!)

Here he is getting his award…

Post race I consumed a lot of Mix 1’s, a sponsor of the race, because I LOVE them!  And this happened:

(Matt, Ryan, Andy, MouthFullofBagel PW, and Sean.)

We had to hustle back because I had to run again before the YMCA closed.  Unfortunately this race was in the middle of a build week so I had to run a total of 2 hours.  With the race, warm-up, and cool-down I had run exactly 1 hour thus far, so I had to hit up the treadmill! I ended up with about 15 miles for the day.

I was pretty much famished at this point and thankfully my awesome mother in law was making us a sweet dinner: spaghetti and her homemade sauce/meatballs!!

I’d just like to note that a PR is great and everything, but something even more exciting happened: I had my first blog recognition! A woman came up to me, introduced herself (hi Kelly!), and told me she reads my blog! Hope your race was great!

Alright I am off to bed, it is back to work tomorrow.

Posts coming at you tomorrow:

1. Weeks Worth of Workouts for this week
2. Hyannis 10k Race Report
3. Daily Picture Journal Day 3 (since I missed it!)

So check back!


Did you race this weekend?  How did you do?

Yep, 10k!  I havent done one since 2006, so a PR was pretty cool!

Whats youre favorite race distance?

As brutal as it is…I think I like 5ks the most!


11 responses

  1. I am so disappointed we didnt get to meet up, Rach was too! When you tweeted your location pre-race, my netbook was charging and my phone was DEAD! I didnt see it until minutes before we went out to line up.

    Next time we’re at the same race, for sure! So glad for both you and the Mr. on your great races!

  2. Congrats on the PR and congrats to Pat too!
    My favorite distance for racing is 10 miles. My LEAST favorite is 10k. I like the half marathon quite a bit too.
    That spaghetti looks awesome. Lots of sauce..yum.

  3. I did not race last weekend but I do have a 5k coming up on Saturday. I like 5ks too…I can definitely push my pace faster in a 5k than in a longer distance. Running 1/2 marathons is what really sucked into running so I think they will always be my favorite.

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