Daily Photo Journal, Day 2

No running for me today!  I made P-Dubs an enormous carbo-loading breakfast (toast, eggs, waffles, hashbrowns–dont worry he had an additional 2 waffles!):

Now we are packing up, dropping the dogs off, and heading down to the Cape!  A nice ending to February break.  Before I go though, I wanted to squeeze in Day 2 of the Photo Journal.  I am going to bring my MacBook, but I dont know what the internet situation will be like down there for blog updatin’!

Without further ado…

Day 02 – A picture of you and the person you have been closest with the longest

A picture of us then:

And now:

We should have posed in dresses similar to the first picture, to get the full effect!  (Also, please remind me to never do bangs like that again, okay?)

So that is me and Nina (Niner), we have been friends for 27 years.  Which is since she was born, 3 months after me.  I used to call her ‘Neener Weener Carpet Cleaner], and I have no idea why (and our friendship might end now that I put that on the internet!) We are also cousins.  We grew up in towns 45 minutes away from each other, but now we both live in the same town!  She is pretty awesome, she works the nightshift being a police dispatcher (pretty hardcore, right?!)

Hope to be able to blog tonight…but if not, check ya after the race tomorrow!!  My only goal is to hit the pace the coach (PW) gave me!!!


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