Down but not Out

I cannot believe I didnt update yesterday!  I have been taking my vacation here pretty hard.  A lot of running, recovering, book reading, and cooking.  Yesterday included some errands that apparently took up too much time to blog (okay, maybe not, because Yesterday I also read an entire James Patterson novel!).

First things first, Wednesday night I made a delicious dinner.  I love breaded chicken.  Normally I made it myself, dipping the chicken in a breadcrumb/parmesan cheese/italian spices/flour blend.  I decided to try out a shake’n’bake because it only has SEVEN CARBS!  Way less than the bread crumbs I was using.  It was, of course, delicious.  Served with roasted potatoes and asparagus (on sale!).  I had about 50 grams of protein with this dinner which is kind of  a big deal for me!

Yesterday I had an 80 minute run on schedule.  Just regular ol’ Zone 1 run, no hill bounding, due to the race on Sunday.  I went outside and it was glorious.  My longest run outside since October (and that was 26.2).  I had to run outside to get my REAL zone 1 pace (not the treadmill one), so we could figure out my pace for the 10k.  Then I came home and proceeded to lay on the couch for the afternoon and read above mentioned book.

But before that run, I dropped my taxes off with my grandmother.  So happy to have them off and being calculated!  I also stopped my parents house to pick up any mail I had there.  I had a little package from BrooksID waiting for me! A sweet shirt. A little big for me (it is a small, but apparently I am an extra-extra-extra small?), but pretty cool to have!



I also love their motto. This is the back:

I agree: Run Happy!

I have a big day planned today. Do all my lesson planning for next week. Run 35 minutes on the treadmill (recovery–last run until Friday). And read another book!


Are you racing this weekend?

Yep, 10k on Sunday in Hyannis!

Whats YOUR favorite running shoe company?

Brooks, of course. I could run all day long in their Adrenalines!


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  1. No race this weekend, but a 5k the following weekend. I am on a kick with Nike running shoes at the moment. Yesterday my physical therapist told me I need to go get my shoes checked out so I may be making a switch soon. BTW I do the same thing where I say “I was so busy doing XYZ!” Then, when I think about it…I spent 2 hours of my life on Oops. (At least you read a novel!)

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