Eat your dinner, Tina

The above quote is brought to you by the fact I watched “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” while on the treadmill yesterday.  They had a Napoleon Dynamite question.  But in all seriousness, that was just the tip the iceberg of my awesome day.

Yesterday, I updated the ol’ blogaroonie and then got ready for my run.  I was all set, then went to get my Garmin and couldnt find it.  This was a workout I absolutely needed my Garmin for. An HOUR later I found it on the drying rack in the corner of the basement with all my clean workout clothes.  I am so forgetful that I have a place where I put all my workout stuff, all together (shoes, garmin, HR strap, headband, etc all go in the same place).  Somehow I forgot to even do that!  I finally got to the gym and had (I dont use this word lightly) an epic workout.  It was scheduled as:

90 minutes total

45 minute warm-up in Zone 1

2 x 10 minute Zone 2 with 5 minutes Zone 1 between them

15 minute cooldown Zone 1

I set out and my HR was super low.  I ended up averaging below Zone 1 at 8:30s (awesome!).  Doing the math, it should have been around 8 min/mi. (I know, I know, the treadmill lies, but Ill take it!)

The Zone 2 is my favorite part though, I am so glad it is finally time for it again, because I love running hard. I started at 8:20’s and made my way down to 7:30’s for each interval.

I ended up with about 10.7 miles, and some seriously sore hip flexors (the yoga from Sunday is definitely haunting me and my workouts still!)  I have a super easy 35 minute recovery run today, which can be done outside because it will be a warm and toasty 40 degrees!

Post-run and post-endurox, I went into the fridge for a snack and found this:



YESSSS!  Thank you PW, bringer of new Chobani flavors into our home!  I have wanted to try this since it came out.  I opened that thing so fast, I barely had enough time to truly read the flavor (Black Cherry, btw)



It was, as I hope you would expect, delicious!  I love all things cherry, so this flavor was a given for me.  There are pretty big chunks of cherries in it, so if you have a texture thing about that, this yogurt would not be for you (however, the Raspberry, honey, or vanilla would be!)

Believe it or not, despite the fact I had a fabulous run, and my husband surprised me with the yogurt I have wanted to try, my fay continued to get better.  I checked the mail and found these:

Attune Foods coupons from HangryPants Heather! I am going to hit up the grocery store today to try some stuff!

Post coupon receiving, and dancing a little, it was time for more trivia (I know! 2 nights in a row!). We lost, unfortunately. And I had a mediocre (at best) BLT, unfortunately. I did have a lot of fun with my friends though, fortunately. Which was sort of the point of going!

I have just been informed we are staying down the Cape this weekend for the Hyannis race. If you are going to be there, come find the QT2 table right near the awards in the banquet hall to say hi! There will be 20 of us, most people wearing baby blue (I will be wearing my fluorescent yellow Brooks uniform!), so we are hard to miss!!!


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  1. I like everything in this post, except the flavor of the yogurt. I do not like cherry, except cherry coke or pepsi. blech. But I do love Chobani’s other flavors.

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