Yoga and Bike Rides are for winners!

I just got home from my first Bikram Yoga class in 2 years.  And my second ever.  Yep, once I went that first time 2 years ago, I never went back.  It was way more awesome than I remember it being. It was still brutal though!  The first half is sooo hard for me because my arms are so weak!  It takes all I have to keep them in the air!!  I was surprised at how much more 1) flexible and  2) stronger I was than when I went last time.  I think 2 years of consistent running has really REALLY affected my lower body strength.  I felt awesome afterwards!  Might be a new post-long run ritual.  I am not sore at ALL despite running 2 hours in the treadmill earlier today.  PS it is totally true that you sweat from places you didnt think possible.  Like, the tops of my feet and the inside corners of my eyes!


Now to the Time Trial this morning.  PW’s heat went off at 8 so we got there at 7 and I socialized while he warmed up on the bike.  The cool thing about these time trials (the BTT , Boston Triathlon Team Time Trial in particular) is that there are a million triathletes here so its like a reunion, seeing a bunch of people you havent seen since October!  He hopped on the bike and took it out hard while Landon (B.Hughes’ son) and I hung out and took pictures.  And ate dried mango.  And I drank a caramel macchiato.


Here are PW and Sean near the end. And Michelle in the background!


It was a QT2 heat, so almost everyone was on the QT2 Systems Triathlon team.

This was the front row (including Charlie, Jen, Adam, Sean, Cait, PW, and Jay!)



And the back row (Rick, Brian, Tim, and Amanda and Michelle down the end!)



And this picture is just because it is hilarious. Adam photobombed my picture of Charlie!

If we are facebook friends, you can see the rest of my TT pictures on there, I just uploaded them all. There are plenty!

When we left, PW was in first place for men and Cait for women. No official results yet (it was an all day affair!). I will post when I know them though!

I just drank 48 ounces of water but I feel like I need to go drink another bathtub full, so…over and out!


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