Long Run Sunday

I did accomplish one of my goals yesterday, I slept until 10:30.  It was oh so sweet.  And it was good I did it because the rest of the weekend has been action packed.

We had a dog emergency yesterday afternoon.  Kona jumped off the couch, and then all of a sudden went limp.  She couldnt get up, her gums were white, she was throwing up, and she was out of it (if you know Kona, you know she is nothing if not a fighter!)  We rushed her to Tufts Vet Emergency Room, where they diagnosed it as a vaso-vagal reaction and said it was probably a fluke.  It was so scary, glad this little lady is alright:

This morning we got up bright and EARLY (emphasis on the bright part), at 5am.  We zipped down the Mass Pike to Landry’s Boston for PW to do a Time Trial.  Entry on that (and about a million pictures of it) coming later!

Post TT, I had to get right to the gym for my run.  I was going run outside on Comm Ave but real feel was -7 which is beyond the ability of this cold blooded runner girl.  So we rushed home and I popped on over to the Y.  118 minutes, 22 of them at Zone 2. I took that run to the cleaners!

Okay, no I didnt.  I averaged the VERY bottom of Zone 1.  Like, not even a beat in.  The bottom.  Ah well, at least I was in the zone at all!  My sister-in-law was already running when I got there and she awesomely killed the first 30 minutes with me, talking so the time flew by.  By the time she left, I only had 90 minutes left which seemed like a piece of cake at that point!  Nonetheless, the run is over and next week is my first race in 2 months!

I am making this a quick blog entry because I need to get ready for YOGA!  Our first Bikram Class starts at 4 so I need to go get directions and stand in the snow for an hour so that the heat is refreshing.  Picked up this bad boy to christen with pools of sweat this afternoon:

I am off to go hydrate like a madwoman so I do not faint in yoga!  Nuun is my friend today!

Check back tonight for a synopsis of my first yoga class and a recap of the TT, results + pictures included!

PS. Hello to whoever googled “How to make your blog hilarious” and got to ThatRunnerChick.com.  I hope you found many ideas from my blog on what NOT to do, so yours is ACTUALLY funny.


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