That’s it folks.

February vacation is upon us! I started it off the right way: bowling! Actually, I was celebrating even prior to THAT. I celebrated by going out with friends at 2:30, followed by a quick run, then Chipotle, and THEN bowling!

In between that all there was a crazy thunderstorm here too. It was 60 degrees here today (woop woop!) so its only fair our summer thunderstorms came with it. This was crazy though. Nickel sized hail came down, we havent seen hail since we moved here! I took a picture of this momentous occasion for y’all!



The dogs were shivering in fear!  I left in the middle of the storm though because I had a date with some bowling balls!

I havent been bowling in a very long time. Pretty sure I was in a single digit age range the last time I did. I was surprised at how expensive it was…it is not a flat rate for lane rental. Each person pays to play and to rent shoes, so it cost us $16 each to play 2 games. It is a dangerous game though, maybe that affects the cost?

(Yes it does say “Play at your own risk” and “Risk of bodily injury is associated with this game”. Those balls are heavy!)



A picture of our sweet shoes, too!

It was super fun, however, bowling is not my calling. I feel bad for my faculty bowling time next month, they do not know what they are in for! Maybe I can get PW to take me to practice!!


My only agenda for tomorrow is to sleep in, run, and correct quizzes.  Other than that I am bonding with my couch!

PS I also did this Awareness Test at lunch with some other math teachers today. It only takes 55 seconds, but it actually is pretty accurate. Let me know what you think if you do it!



Do you like bowling?  Are you good at it?

It was fun, but I am terrible!


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