A Big Deal

Speaking of potatoes…okay, that a couple of says ago, but still. Talking about them, inspired me to do something I have never done before. Last night, I made mashed potatoes. Yep, my first time at 27!
My father is the MASTER of mashed potatoes. I have been afraid to make them because I didnt think they could compare. I did watch the process though, my father would instruct me everytime he made them, so that they would come out perfectly smooth. I bit the bullet, and guess what–they were perfect! Even PW tried and liked them, and he is terrified of lumpy potatoes!
(He also has to say that because he is my husband 🙂 )

Okay so that was my Wednesday (there was an incident at the gym, too. But I’ll spare you the details of that–just know I lost a little faith in the good of people!).

Today was all about hill bounding. It was my first hill workout of the season. (Don’t worry: I carbo-loaded at work with about a million mini-Snickers!) If you don’t know about this hill bounding torture, here is a link. There are plenty of videos on YouTube, as well. Which is probably the best way to understand what a crazy person I look like when I do it! Total run workout time was 75 minutes, and I was oh so glad to get in the house and sit down!

The end of tomorrow marks the beginning of February vacation. Hard to believe it is here so quick. I feel like the school year is flying by so fast!

My plans for February break include:

-…planning. Of the lesson variety!
-sleeping in
-reading a BOOK! I havent had time to read in a long while, and I miss it.
-going to book club
-going to NH for a night for some major sledding.
-stretching and recovering after my runs, not just falling into bed!

Less than two weeks until my first “Big Race” of the season, Hyannis 10k!!


One response

  1. ughhh hill bounding – my least favorite workout!

    hey court, have you been outside for a run yet today? leaving for a run straight from work, and not sure what to wear on top… short-sleeved and jacket? short-sleeved and arm warmers? just a long-sleeve? i cant believe it’s shorts weather!

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