Valentine’s Day Dinner

If you can’t tell from my blog, I love food.  Coincidentally, food is also how I show love.  I got that from my mom.  So  I decided to make P-Dubs a nice healthy, core-friendly, dinner with a treat (steak).  And a sinfully, core-unfriendly dessert with his favorite.

Dinner was steak rubbed with some italian seasoning, salt, and pepper, browned and then broiled.  Steamed broccoli with parmesan cheese.  Roasted potatoes.  And my infamous garlic bread (okay, THAT part wasnt core friendly!)

This broccoli tasted way fresher than it should for February!

Also, I only needed to cook one potato for us both for dinner.  Check out the size of this sucker!

Dessert you ask?  Noting fancy, but deliciously unhealthy nonetheless.  Brownies with peanut butter cups.



This is PW and I’s 5th Valentines Day together! So, Here’s a tribute to the Best Of CW+PW.  Or just, a collage of pictures from over the years!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!

And that none of this was involved:


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