Out Straight

Believe it or not (and this is hard to believe, I know)–this is my first time on my MacBook since Wednesday night!  My google reader is at 843 unread posts, my blog is left un-updated, and my only Facebook interaction has been on my phone.  It has sort of been like 1998 🙂

It has been a recovery week running wise, so little mileage and nothing exciting.  I went out to dinner way too many times this week (including Brew City two nights in a row–I know!). I had two observations at work, 6 meetings, stayed after school 3 days, and had a ton of fun Thurs/Fri/Saturday.  So I really cannot complain!

Yesterday was the Team Psycho Time Trial.  Its a 9.3 mile bicycle time trial on CompuTrainers at Fast Splits.  PW did it, along with quite a few of our friends, including Ethan (who already has a race report up for the TT, including pictures), Cait, Dede, and Jesse.

Here are PW and Ethan racing in the “A” heat. PW is in the middle of the back row, Ethan to the right of him.

When we left, PW was in third place overall. He averaged 340 watts (this is crazy.) Leaderboard!

There is another one next weekend at Landry’s in Boston. Actually, now that I think about, yesterday started a pattern of races every weekend for a while! We also have the Hyannis Half and the New Bedford Half coming up!

My goal today is to get through some of my Google Reader, respond to all the emails/FB messages I have been putting off, and plan for the rest of week. Oh, and run!! I am so, so happy the recovery week is over, I have been missing my long runs on Tuesday/Thursday nights. 41 miles this week! And OUTSIDE Thursday/Friday because New England is having a heat wave this weekend–temperatures in the 50’s!


I feel so out of the loop!  Has anything super exciting been going on in your lives?!


4 responses

  1. I keep telling myself I should try one of those indoor TT’s, but I haven’t been able to talk myself into it yet. Rach is doing the Hyannis Marathon so we’re going to be there for that.

    I had to start over after January training fizzle (too much, too fast), but this week has been a ton better. I’m doing 5 days a week right now, and I’ll move to 6 days a week in a couple weeks.

  2. I might be going to Landry’s this Thursday! They are having a bike sale for the PMC!! I’m not sure if I should spoil myself with a new bike though!

    Glad you are back to the blog! 🙂

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