Sweet Potatoes=Dessert

Can someone please tell me why sweet potatoes are SO GOOD?!  I had one with dinner and almost wept because it was so soft and creamy.  They are always way better when I order them at restaurants as opposed to home, because they roast them slowly all day and they become delicious.

So, today was a pretty awesome day in Thatrunnerchick-ville (Yes, I used that term again, because someone actually googled “Thatrunnerchick-ville” and got to my blog.  So hello new reader!)  I will list the reasons for you in numbered form.

1.   I had a great day at work. Which, as a teacher, basically means I felt like I really got through to students and made a difference in their lives.  You know, just the usual inspiring stuff I get to experience every day.  (Post currently in the works of why I became/love being a teacher!)

2.  I got home from work and immediately drove to the gym where–and this is where my day gets awesome-r–there were treadmills available, at 4:30pm! (This never happens.)  I banged out a great 50 minute run, my fastest yet in Zone 1, and enjoyed every second of it.  The kind of run that makes you love running all over again.

3.  Drove back home where I was greeted by a husband who said he wanted to take me out to an early Valentine’s Day dinner, how can I say no to that?  We went to Longhorn, where I had previously mentioned sweet potato.  And a BLT salad.  Which is lettuce, with thin onions, 3 slices tomato, 3 slices bacon, parmesan cheese, and dressing on the side.  The dinner ended up beyond satisfying:

I feel like I should post the sweet potato as it’s own number to making my day great, but instead Ill mush it in with the salad paragraph.

4. I get to blog and share my awesome day with all my awesome readers! I have a giveaway coming up soon that I cannot WAIT to show you guys!!!

Did I mention we had a 2 hour delay at school today?  The fact I am so well-rested might also have something to do with my great mood.

And the fact that I won a battle against the neighborhood plow driver.  You see, we have a median on our road where we carry our full shovels and dump the snow (because there is no room anywhere else!).  I was out shoveling the end of our driveway this morning, and he decided to play chicken with me.  I had just lifted the last shovelful of snow, we made eye contact, and he came right for me.  I had to jump out of the way to not be plowed with the snow, AND he refilled the driveway with snow!  You can imagine the choice words I yelled!

Well, the next time he came around (10 minutes later) I was finishing up RE-shoveling the end of the driveway.  He came right for me and I stood my ground.  Guess what he did?  Stopped.  Turned his plow towards the median instead of our driveway.  And Plowed away.  VICTORY.

ThatRunnerChick: 1    Plow Guy: 0

This is what I felt like doing when he stopped and turned his plow in the other direction:


Which do you prefer: white potatoes or sweet potatoes?

I like each one equally.  Sometimes you just want the sweetness of a sweet potato though!  Either way, potatoes are my second favorite food.

Did you have a good day?  Anything exciting happen?!

I did, of course.  So good I had to write an entire post about it!


21 responses

  1. I do like sweet potatoes – but I definitely don’t make them enough (though I just added them to my lentil soup and it was awesome!). And PS – when our road gets plowed, they only have room to plow one lane (super.). And of course you know that they _always_ angle their plows towards OUR side – creating that awful Snow Wall. Which turns to ice if you don’t shovel it right away. Hate. That. I definitely feel your pain!

    • Sweet potato fries are my fave too–we pick restaurants based on who has them! Brew City has the best ones in Central Mass I think. I prefer the ones that are crispy outside but thick and pillowy inside!

  2. I like all potatoes, but yes, sweet potatoes are awesome. Have you made sweet potato enchiladas?
    I’m glad you had an awesome day. And I love that you love your job. I want my children to only have teachers who love it as you do… more than anything it is passion for the job that makes the best teachers.

  3. Way to put the plow guy in his place! We have had a lot of stuff like that going on here as well with all the snow this winter, so it is good to hear stories like yours! 🙂

    I tend to have Yukon gold potatoes more than anything, but I do like sweet potatoes. I just rarely buy them. This might inspire me to pick some up at the store this weekend!

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