I am so excited, there was an AWESOME Groupon today. It was for a local yoga studio–10 classes for $20. Usually Bikram classes are $15 EACH, so this was deal was almost too good to be true! Ive only done Bikram once before, but I loved it. So I am excited to go back and get my stretch on! Maybe I can justify some Lululemon purchases now?

Ive been thinking about our diet as of late (diet not as in losing weight but as in what we are putting in our mouths–the general definition!). My running is coming along, but not as much as it could be–if I reigned in the food, it could be that much better! And, as Ethan can attest, I really love my bread!
So now that I am running 40+ miles a week, its time for business! This is the new scenery on our fridge:

Craig Alexander is a lean, mean, Ironman World Championship winning machine. The pictures drive the point across!

Not much else to post about today. No exercise to speak of, turkey burritos for dinner, perhaps so core work before bed (I may or may not take pictures to show you our core routine!!).


Have you ever done Bikram yoga? Did you like it?

Ive done it once but it was 3 years ago!

Do you have an oreo/fresh bread/ice cream problem like me? Whats your favorite junk food?

I literally can’t keep ANYTHING “junk food” like in the house or I will eat it all.  HFCS=my downfall!  The good thing is that I am too lazy to go out of the house to satisfy these cravings, so if its not here I wont eat it!


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  1. I love Bikram…but only first thing in the morning because if you wait and take it in the evening, the room is overly hot, stuffy, and stinky from all the classes before. Ick.

    I have a huge junk food problem, which is why I refuse to have it in the house. I can’t be trusted.

    • Someone actually said that exact thing to me–she told me she had been to the studio and remembered the carpet smelling like feet. I asked if she went at night, because if so–of course it smelled like feet!!

      I cant have anything in the house either 😦
      But if it IS in the house…I eat it all as quickly as possible to get rid of it!!

  2. Um, yeah. Junk food? Also my nemesis. I don’t have one sweet tooth, I have 4 sweet molars. And they’re vicious, ravenous creatures. Anything sweet, bready, or peanut buttery disappears if we keep it here. It’s a bad scene.

  3. “Everybody knows Craigs achilles heel, is definately of the top 15 guys, the weakest on the bike”

    “If the bike ride is tough, he is out of the picture”

    “Fear is gonna be driving him. Desperation to prove his title last year was solid”

    “When you bash some one up your whole career, that plays heavily on your mind”

    “Last year he one the championship but the question was ‘what if Macca got off the bike'”

    “The year before I beat him by three minutes, the only other time I raced him here”

    Who said it????

    p.s. All joking aside that is great to have on the fridge.

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