WWW: Weeks Worth of Workouts 1/31-2/6

Last build week–next week is a recovery week with only 24 miles! Which is good, because I have serious plans next week!

Anyways, here is last week.

January 31st-February 6th

Monday: Day off!

Tuesday: 60min run, 60 min ride

Wednesday: 90 minute run, 60 minutes ride

Thursday: off!

Friday: 80 minute run

Saturday: 30 minute run

Sunday: 111 minute run

Right around 42 miles for the week on the run, and got in my 2 bike rides this week.  The 2 snow days definitely helped my motivation this week, I was extremely well-rested!

Long run was awesome this week.  My fastest yet, at my lowest HR yet–right at the bottom of zone 1, I got in 13.3 miles.  And I splurged on two Strawberry-Banana power gels during it!

So next week: Less running, and hopefully more bike riding.  I’ve noticed my legs feel SO much better if I do recovery rides!

PS I am about to have a Cupcake Experience:

(unbelieveable right?!  I have the best sister-in-law ever!!)


And I’ll be eating that while wearing these, with my Zoot Compression Socks of course:


Don’t worry….I had my Endurox and Fish Oils, and massaged my calves, as soon as I walked in the door!


How were you workouts for the week?

Mine were good, but I am ready for an easy week!


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