Sunday, Productive Sunday

Did someone say the Super Bowl is today?  Hmph.  No football for me–in fact, I am counting on the gym being empty because hopefully people will be starting their parties early!!

Today I have been the picture of productiveness.  Mostly because I told myself yesterday I could sit around and be a bum all day in my pajamas as long as I got everything done today!

Started out with an early morning trip to Target, to get essentials like Olive Oil Cooking Spray, gum, and Nature’s Valley bars.  Check out the snow mountain in the parking lot, it took all my might not to try running to the top!

Came home and did something I have been meaning to try for a while: throw chicken in the crockpot.  Ive never cooked chicken like this before.  I have a thing about chicken.  Im not a huge fan when it is a whole piece of chicken breast.  Not sure why, but it suddenly squicks me out.  So I decided to try the crockpot method because you can just pull it apart (and make….pulled chicken!).  I threw a few in there so we can have shredded chicken burritos later in the week.  Just water, chicken brother, salt, pepper, and a couple of baby potatoes to go with dinner:



Then I packaged up the pizza sauce from yesterday. I froze it into ‘single pizza use’ bags so I can just grab one when we want it! This should last us a while (maybe…)



Speaking of time savers, I also cut down some chicken breasts and froze them individually for a quick (and economical: they were on super sale) dinner:



I was feeling pretty proud of myself at this point. So I just went ahead and did a few other things I have been putting off, like cleaning our fridge and cabinets (dont worry, the veggies are in the drawers!)



I also put away the laundry that was threatening a mutiny in the basement. I dont know why, but putting away the laundry is my least favorite chore. I dont mind washing/drying/folding it. PW usually does the putting away, but he is on a pretty intense 5 hour ride on the TRAINER so I had to man up and do it!

And while I was being a busy bee? Chloe and Kona were just chillin’



Alright, I am off to do some vacuuming and carbo-load for my long run later. Check back in tonight for my Week’s Worth of Workouts post!


Whats your least favorite chore?

Putting away laundry. And cleaning the toilet (obv!)

Do you push all your chores to one day like me? Or do you spread them out over the week?

I usually leave them until Sunday, but I feel like doing some everyday would be way less stressful!


16 responses

  1. I would have to say laundry folding. If I don’t fold it in the basement, and THEN bring it upstairs, it will sit all wrinkled in the basket until I need to do laundry again and have to fold the laundry to empty the baskets for the new laundry. Everything else I’m okay with. Though I’m getting pretty tired of shoveling.

    • I have been mirared for 10 years and I just found my wife was having a “Fling”. I know in my heart there is more to a relationship of love than just wanting a person. The man my wife was with had never met her children nor had ever been in an arguement with her. How can one judge love when they do not know the person they are attempting to love. I was told she loved him. How can one love when they have never been with a person in the open? How can one love when they only show the infatuation and not themselves. I know in my heart I could never love again without knowing the person is true, sincere, and committed to more than just the idea of me. I will eventually find another person to give my heart to but I feel at this moment I only have little to give. If you think you can give everything to the man, your bad breath, your uncontrollable emotions, your unconditional beliefs in him, and also, most importantly, your respect, than good luck to you. I think you have to dig very deep before you are willing to give your soul to anything and after three days maybe you haven’t seen everything or anything he is willing to give to you!!!

  2. Hm. Least favorite chore. That’s a tough one. I think my least favorite chore is the one that I notice I”m doing more of than my hubby. In other words – we kinda share the chores (like putting the dishes in the dishwasher, folding cloths, and cleaning the house). And when I see that I’m carrying the brunt of it, that’s when I start to not like it. Hehe. Otherwise a chore is a chore. And though I don’t necessarily like _any_ of them, I don’t think I like any less or more than other.

  3. I loathe putting the laundry away, too! I don’t mind folding it, but for some reason I let it sit around as if it might put itself away (it doesn’t, obvi). Must say, your two dogs are just adorable!

    P.S. You’ve inspired me to go clean my fridge. 🙂

  4. I HATE laundry! I just had this conversation with my husband today, actually. Bathrooms don’t bother me, neither does dusting, and I actually like doing the floors. But laundry is the bane of my existence.

    I try to spread my chores out over the week, but sometimes it doesn’t work out that way. It all depends on my schedule for the week!

  5. Putting away laundry is up there…especially items that need to be hung up. I agree that washing, drying and folding are fine…it’s just that last step! Cleaning the shower is definitely my least favorite. Speaking of which, I really need to do that.

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