Change your shoes, change your life

Well, maybe not your life, but definitely that run!  The bottom outside of my feet have been hurting (fifth metatarsal for the bio-term savvy!).  I decided to see if my shoes were past their prime, causing the issue.  I went up to the attic and took a new pair from my arsenal of Brooks Adrenalines.

Love breaking in a new pair of shoes!  Chloe was wondering why this pair of shoes smell so new and clean!

Post-pizza sauce making and kitchen cleaning, I decided to put the new sauce to use. I used dough from the grocery store (love that they sell this!), a cheese mix (asiago, mozaarella, parmesan, romano), garlic chicken sausage, and onions that I caramelized. So good!


Upcoming Travel Plans!

Have I told you all about the camp we are going to in April?

Not summer camp, but sleepaway camp all the same. QT2 is hosting a training camp that PW is helping to put together. There will be a ton of athletes, a ton of working out, and I will be the in-house massage therapist. It should be a blast and help take away some of the winter blues. It is in Florida, so we will be spending the rest of the week with my parents.


Also, PW and I are going to Italy in 2012! We are going to be chaperones for a trip with a bunch of students. TOTALLY looking forward to this. The only time either of us has been out of the country was to go to Montreal for a race. How could we turn this opportunity down?? Just talking about the trip gets my so excited! We will be seeing:








and Rome

(Amongst other places.)


I cannot wait to run in another country. To eat real Italian food. Seriously the trip of my dreams! There are more chaperones, of course, and they are awesome and fun adults. It just so happens that the kids going on the trip are all fantastic kids too–again, the trip will be epic!


So thats what we have for travel plans.  There are of course some race trips coming up too–Idaho in June is only one of them!


Do you have any vacations coming up?

Have you ever been to Italy?  Is there anything we MUST do while we are there??


11 responses

  1. just relax and enjoy it. italy is a VERY different pace from what youre used to. spend time in cafes and learn what *real* coffee should taste like. if you want real italian food, get off the beaten path. basically, buy a tourist guide, circle any places they mention on the map and then go the other direction. meet locals, eat what they eat. dont expect a meal to last less than 90 min.

    you guys’ll love it.

  2. That’s so great to go to Italy…the food is AWESOME–just eat your face off. I will warn you…trips with students are absolutely exhausting. I led one a few years ago and am still coming around to the idea of doing one. Very fun, but very very tiring 🙂

    • Eating my face off is definitely what I do best, so I am excited about it! I am nervous about the student situation, but theyre all really good kids AND I am not the LEAD chaperone, so I think Ill be okay!

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