Skimping results in poor quality!

It’s Friday night, I have just returned from my 80 minute run at the gym and some last minute grocery shopping (I am making my famous pizza sauce tomorrrow!).  I am settling down with some beef stew (yes, I made it again!)  My agenda is to catch up on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Reunion (Parts 1 and 2)–riveting I know.

In case anyone was wondering, pushing 3.5 feet of snow off of a roof makes me cranky.  Normally I am not one to complain about the weather–but can someone tell me why you would put a nearly flat roof on an addition?  Silly.  And results in my hanging out this window and shoveling snow into trashbag after trashbag and carrying it outside to empty.  PW got the outside with a ladder, but I could only get so much in the center.  Annoying!

At least we can see the sun from the window now…

Anyways, so yesterday I didnt feel well so decided to postpone my run.  Instead, I went grocery shopping for the week.  I wanted guacamole so I did the unthinkable–I bought 2 avocados and a MIX.  Okay, Rule #41 Never Buy PreMade Guacamole Mix.  Always make it from scratch!  It was horrid.  I ate it anyways, of course, but it totally wasnt worth it!

After that debacle I needed a glass of wine.  Apparently Chloe thought she needed some too, because jumped on the table.  And proceeded to knock said wine glass off onto our beige carpet!  You cannot yell at a 6 pound dog (you just cant!), so we spent 20 minutes sopping up and scrubbing the purple mess.

After reading this blog post (if you actually read it) you can see why I had nothing to blog about yesterday.  It was a boring day all around it ThatRunnerChick-ville.  No running, no cooking (other than that guacamole!).

Tomorrow I will be back…with a blog entry that has pictures…and maybe a pizza sauce recipe (okay, definitely a pizza sauce recipe!)


Anyone else been shoveling their roof?  Doesnt it stink?  Oh, homeownership.


9 responses

  1. In KY we get some ice and snow, but nothing that involves any heavy duty shoveling! I can usually get by with sweeping it off our porch and sidewalks. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunions were pretty riveting – my heart is broken for Lisa and Ken! I always thought there was something fishy about Cedric.

  2. Yup, got the roof shoveled. Lisa hired a couple of young guys she works with to do it becauase I refused to get up onto our very steeply pitched roof. It took them about 8 hours total to do the job.

  3. Did you get the concord foods brand of guacamole mix?? I like that one! Sorry you had a bad experience, I hate that when you are craving something!!

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