School’s (will never be out) for summer!

Glad we risked out lives on the icy roads to go to the gym today because

1. The treadmills were EMPTY so no 30minute rule for me!

2. My run was awesome!

I ended up doing 90 minutes rocking out to my Snow Day Mix and consuming a strawberry-banana power gel.  I had Endurox when we got home, then pondered what my “tweener” snack (between my run and my bike) should be.  I really wanted bacon, but then only bread we had was small.  So I had the tiniest BLT ever.



Here is a picture comparing it size-wise to Chloe, our dog, if that helps.  And Konas arm.


Pop-Up Video, one of the most awesome blasts from the past in my opinion, entertained me on the bicycle.  And then I consumed some grapes, cherries, and spoonfuls of peanut butter.  I am totally digging the Naturally More Peanut Butter all by its lonesome on a spoon lately!  So good!

Alright peeps, I am going to put some dinner together and then hopefully hit the hay super early.  I am anticipating school tomorrow.  Hopefully the drive in isn’t too dangerous–it is icy out there!


What is your favorite pre-workout snack?

I will eat pretty much anything before workouts, but my favorite is bagels!



8 responses

  1. Excuse me, but that’s like the 3rd time this week I have seen that particular plate featured on the blog. Where are all the sweet dishes your awesome SIL got you?!?!

    • ah yes, PW loves the NV granola bars too. Like, staple in our cabinet, that sort of love!

      I love it too, I watched “Love Is a Battlefield”…did you know that was the first video to incorporate dialogue into it? (Her Dad yells at her in the beginning when she runs away!)

      • okay this is too weird – last night on the TM i used the ipod for the first time running… and i was playing love is a battlefield over and over again! love that song!

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