All that’s left to do is run…

After a leisurely no-alarm wake-up this morning, I sat around drinking a cup of coffee and reading my Google Reader. And mentally preparing myself for the shoveling extravaganza to come. I was actually awoken this morning by the sound of ice pellets hitting the bedroom window, so I knew the shoveling was going to be heavy and NOT fun.

However, now it is done. And so are my report cards. All that’s really left to do is run, so we are heading to the gym in 45 minutes. Here is my pre-run meal (85 minutes on the agenda, and I will for sure be bringing a Power Gel!). An unpictured Chobani was also consumed upon waking up.

PW has a 5200 yard swim on his agenda, so his breakfast is a little more substantial:

(I know, it looks delicious)

Once this run is done, all I HAVE to do is:
-ride my bike (I look forward to this time for reading my kindle and watching trash tv–hello Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion!!)
-complete this Slope Lab for my Algebra class so I have an Answer Key:

Sounds like a pretty good Snow Day to me!

Quick picture, this is the window at the top of our stairs. The snow on the roof of our addition is so high, it blocks the entire thing! We dont really have a way to get to it to clear it off so…wish us luck it doesnt get too heavy!


Do you have a snow day today? What are you doing with your day off, if so?

Shoveling…probably multiple times. But then, taking my time to do my workouts and recover!!


3 responses

  1. Yes, I shoveled multiple times as well. Shoveling ICE is not fun. Especially when they’re large hills of ice that were plowed up like a barrier to our driveway. I hate winter. Hate. Loath. And Hate again.

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