Hey thats my song, turn it up!

Clearly listening to Ay Bay Bay this mornng during my run.

Right about now you might be wondering why I ran this morning. And how I am posting on my blog right now, when I am supposed to be teaching Geometry. Well, you guessed it–another unexpected snow day! The Storm of the Century is on it’s way in, and they cancelled preemptively to avoid a crazy drive home!

I got the call this morning at 5:25, and promptly fell back asleep. Only to be awoken again by my husband at 7 (he got up when the phone call came in!)

“Pssst…Do you want to go running NOW? Before the roads get bad?”

Okay, I was just awoken out of a dead sleep, no I do not want to be running within 25 minutes.
But then, my common sense got the best of me and I fell out of my warm bed and into my running shoes. Last time we had a storm like this, the gym closed. And the second half of my week stunk trying to fit the missed mileage in. So to the gym we went.

Its like the treadmill knew I didnt want to be there, because this happened:

This is sort of a big deal. The treadmills are programmed to shut off every 30 minutes and it drives me crazy. For some reason, this machine decided to cut me a break (its probably broken) but it made my run more awesome-er, and faster. And yes, I am listening to MIA as I run!

Post-run for me, and post-swim for PW, we got in the car. In the 65 minutes we were at the gym, about 3 inches of snow had fallen. Background information: we were in my Prius, we live at the top of a very steep hill, and oh the Prius does NOT have all-wheel (or four wheel) drive. I am sure you can where this is going.

People were stuck at the bottom of the hill. This was not looking promising. About 15 feet up we were stuck. So PW threw on the emergency brake and ran out behind the car. I hopped over the center console into the drivers seat, disengaged the break, and slammed on the gas.

We had about 10 cars behind us at this point.

PW pushed, I had the gas pedal down to the floor, and was just steering to aim for someone elses tire tracks. We were literally going less than 1 mile per hour. And you know what? ALL TEN CARS DROVE AROUND US! Including a state trooper. No one stopped. No one asked if we needed help. This one guy pushing a car up a hill and everyone zipped by. At like, 30 miles per hour, so they werent struggilng. So disappointing! We eventually made it up the hill, it took us 10 minutes. It usually takes 30 seconds at most. And I was left with a grudge against humanity! I think I am MOSTLY upset because PW and I are the sort of people that WOULD get out and help someone in that situation, no questions asked. I thought most people would? Guess we are a minority!

Anyways, now that “leaving the house” is finished, and the run is finished, I am going to do some grading. And then ride my bike. AND THEN, put together an awesome picture post for tonight with some favorites! Check back!



Whats your favorite song to run to??

I pretty love any rap.  Kanye West and Lil Wayne are my favorite running buddies 🙂


10 responses

  1. Don’t you love when the cops don’t help? I had that happen to me too when I was pushing a car. Anyways I like pop and techno when I run especially the Daft Punk live mash-ups because they combine two great Daft Punk songs and are like 8 – 10 minuets long. Keeps me going.

  2. Sounds like the adventures I have in my honda hybrid. Ugh! I have a genre of music I run to: R&B/Soul mixed with a tad of pop. Here are some of the artists in my running playlist: Bruno Mars, Flo Rida, Jason Derulo, Jay Sean, Mike Posner, Ne-Yo, Taio Cruz, and Usher. Gotta love music with a strong bass line to run to !!!

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