Bad Days=Good food

After a rough day, I just wanted to come home and spend some time in the kitchen.  I loafed around on the couch watching Tabath’a Salon Takeover for an hour pondering what to make. I knew I didn’t want to go to the grocery store, so anything with yeast or chocolate was out. Then hit me. Carbs. They always boost my mood!

And so, pasta it was.

In all my years of cooking, all my blogging, and the countless hours of FoodTV I have watched, I have never made pasta from scratch. I was certainly missing out. It was quick, it was easy, and for sure it was worth the effort.


-2 cups flour
-2 eggs
-1/4 cup milk
-1 Tblsp oil
-1 tsp salt
-1/4 tsp baking soda

Mix the wet ingredients together, and in a separate bowl, mix the dry ingredients.

Im sure you could use the food proccesser for this part, but I am a big believer in using your hands and putting some love in it! Make a little valley in your flour and pour the wet ingredients in, then mix well. Knead well. Smoosh it all together until it forms a tacky, solid ball of doughy goodness. Then let it sit for a while (15 minutes).

Cut the ball dough into fourths and roll each quarter out. If youre like me, lack a rolling pin and are obsessed with cleanliness, roll your dough out on a baking sheet. With a Pam container. Because of the lack of rolling pin. Make sure to flour your surface and roller. Work it until its around 1/8 inch thick.

Then cut it into whatever shape you want, I picked fettucini. Let it dry for a couple of hours (I did 1.5 because I was hungry.

Cook like you would normal pasta. I tossed it in a pot of boiling water seasoned with olive oil and salt. While it was cooking I sauteed some breaded chicken and baked some garlic bread. (That bread is the best garlic bread by the way. It will probably give you a heart attack, but how can you go wrong with real garlic, butter, olive oil, and parmesan cheese? Ill post the recipe later!)

Couldnt decide whether I wanted:
-Red Sauce
-Good old fashioned butter

Such a decision! So I went with a trio. It’s not fair to pick between those three toppings!

It was delicious. However, there are some edits I would make to the recipe.
1) No baking soda. Totally unnecessary!
2) Use either a real rolling pin or a pasta machine. This pasta was really thick. I like mine al dente so I didnt mind, but PW likes his not so chewy 🙂

It was also really filling.  That recipe could easily feed four, I could only eat half of what was on my plate, and trust me: I can eat like nobody’s business!


Is there anything youre afraid/hesitant to make?  Why?

I always through pasta was way more complex so I never tried it.  I am also a little sketched out about cooking seafood (anything other than salmon, really!)

How do you deal with a bad day?

I’ve always turned to the kitchen.  Stressed, procrastinating, disappointed, happy –>Results in me cooking!


10 responses

  1. Seriously, as if I wasn’t already happy enough to have you for a SIL, this post would have sealed the deal! Love the 3 pasta toppings, so something I would do!!! haha. Hope your bad day is getting better with some puppy cuddles!

  2. I love your little questions, Courtney. 🙂
    Hope your bad day is not so bad now.
    I am scared to cook pretty much everything.
    When I’ve had a shitty day snuggle with the dogs, take the dogs for a walk (preferably alone) or I lock myself in my room and read a book, or I go for a hard run.

  3. Fe makes the most delicious gnocci EVER. I’ve never made pasta myself – but since I live with a pure-bred Italian, he has taught me something very important: True italian spaghetti is cooked in water until aldente, then pour most of the water off (keep about 1/4 cup in the pot), keep pasta in the pot – and you have to add the sauce and cook the pasta in it. That way the sauce actually cooks INTO the pasta. OMG. SO amazing that way!

  4. i had a not so great day today too. but i turned to a beer and cupcake as solution LOL.

    and i would be afraid to cook what you did!! i’m sooo not a cook from scratch girl.

  5. I’m afraid to try making a souffle. I’ve heard so many horror stories about them, and they are time consuming and labor intensive so to put all that work in just to have it ruined, would cause me to have a breakdown. So I avoid it.

    I eat unfortunately. I cook also, but only for the end result of eating. I need to be better with that!

  6. January 19, 2009 LOL. Maybe they just don’t know din na the plpoee who help them turn on their computers are Filipinos. HAHA. Para ano pa ang tech support kundi i-guide silang magbukas at magboot ng sariling computer. HAHA.

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