The sum of my run today

Some pictures from my run today:

Long run for the week:



I drank this entire thing (I can’t believe I used to not hydrate while running?!)



The playlist I made just for this run



I spent like 10 straight minutes staring at this weather map wondering if the Pete Bouchard was playing a joke on me personally. Seriously?



Post run eats:



-The Power Gel I ate 45 minutes in (strawberry-banana). Wish I had brought more!
-The egg and bagel sandwich I had before I ran
-That playlist ON MY IPOD! Forgot to put it on the iPod and was so bummed to find it MIA when I started running
-The cherries I ate on the side of that sandwich (SO YUM!)
-The looks I got my fellow gym go-ers for being the girl dancing on the ‘mill!

Whats your favorite post-run snack (other than Endurox?)

-Ice cream. Just kidding (sort of). I like a full on meal after I run! preferably with bacon.

Whats the one thing you can’t run without?

-Mine is my Garmin. I feel naked without it!


10 responses

  1. My favorite post run snack is a chocolate whey protein shake made with milk!

    I can’t run without my garmin either! I feel so lost without it! Though sometimes, I will go without it and it does feel a bit liberating, but only for the shorter runs.

    • I forgot it once (on the treadmill) and I agree it was freeing. Then I got home and didnt know what to do without all my (unnecessary) data!

      I love good strawberry smoothie with vanilla protein too, after running (or anytime really!)

  2. holy cow Thursday is on that list… first Dashboard, now Thursday… if you tell me you listened to Coheed and Cambria in high school I am going to cry with laughter. We may be the same person… creepy with the same taste in music!

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