First Annual Andrew Salmon 10k

PW had a 10k on his schedule today. There was one in Fitchburg at 1pm (what kind of race starts after lunch?) Or, his friend Andy would start a new Western Mass race series. This particular race started at 9:30am…at Andy’s house. It was exactly 6.2 miles. And it was scientific. As evident by the handicapped starting times on this piece of cardboard:



Everyone put in their estimated finish time, and thats the order in which they started, an attempt that they would all finish together.

The guys all warmed up, and wore their finest racing clothes:

(Yes, that really happened!)


We walked down to the start line, and the guys finished their warm-ups/stretch outs/poking fun at eachother rituals while I tweeted (and took pictures):



The first competitors of the First Annual Andrew Salmon 10k.
From left to right: Charlie, Andy, Matt, Paul, PW, and Ryan.

What a crew, I know!  Half Cyclonauts, half QT2er’s. An epic battle in the making, for sure!


While they were punishing themselves with that insanely hilly race, I sat in my toasty warm car and played Words With Friends (want to play?! leave me your WWF name!).

FInally, they started to trickle in, only 10-20 seconds apart! Here are some ‘finish line’ pictures:



We then trekked back to Andy’s house for the awards ceremony, I was the sweep vehicle at the end:



Paul was first to cross the line, so he was awarded the check:



Proud podium winners.
Ryan- third place
Andy- second place
Paul- first place

I wish I had written down everyone’s finish times so that I could post them Cool Running style! (Not to be mistaken with Cool Runnings style.)

I have a race in 2 weeks, then our next one is Hyannis. I am doing the 10k, and PW (along with most of the team) is going the half-marathon.

I was thinking of putting together a Blogger Meet-Up after it…any interest? Send me an email/twitter/comment if so and I will keep you in the loop! I think we have about 4 bloggers so far…


13 responses

  1. Please note. Runner named “Charlie” out-weighed all of those clowns by approximately 40 lbs on average except for one “Paulito”. But he’s like 22 years old so he doesn’t count; yep, that would be 23 years younger…And yes, this was insanely hilly. You should post the course profile. Certainly worse than Lake Placid.

  2. Oh… that looks fun! It’s a actually a really good idea for when you have a race on the schedule and there is not one close by that works.
    I find 10Ks really hard to find, actually. Tons of 5ks, and lots of longer stuff here in Boston in prep for Boston M at this time of year… but few 10ks.
    I would love to meet with blogger peeps but I am in Florida during Hyannis! (hopefully it will be warm and I will be running in shorts, though) 🙂

    • Jealous! We are going to Florida in April…but by then you can taste spring so running in tights still isnt so bad. I HATE 10k’s…my least favorite race distance by a long shot! So glad I didnt have to do this one: killer hills and a killer distance, I would have been toast!!

  3. Just stopped by your blog for the first time. Love it!

    A friend of mine (on Twitter, @dietitianjanel) tweeted me to say you are running the Hyannis half. Me too! I’d be interested in a blogger meetup! Liz at Food to Run For is also running it. Do you know her?

    • Thanks for checking it out! I dont know Liz but I was definitely thinking about setting up a Meet-Up after. BeckOnTheRun and a couple others were interested also, so I will tweet when I figure it all out!! I will go find you on twitter and check out your blog!

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