Snow Day…again

I feel like I could cut and paste the same entry once a week.  This is the fourth time I have awoken to a random snow day and then proceeded to spend the entire day on the couch snuggling with our 2 dogs, after shoveling of course.  This time however, I was perusing this site all day long. I had this sudden intense desire to get a third dog. Not sure where I am going with that, other than…we did not get another dog today. Need more time to think about it! There is one that I have my eye on though…

Shoveling pushed me to the brink today. We live in the city, therefore there is LITERALLY no place to put the snow. When we shovel our driveway, we have to carry each shovelful of snow across the street and toss it on top of a 3 foot pile. Tedious! I would show you our 5 foot snow pile on each side of the driveway except my DSLR battery died after I took the pictures, and I cannot find the charger!

Since I was past the point of crazy, I just jumped in the snow. In my Danskos. If I was out there, I was going to have fun! PW happen to have his phone in his pocket. So, for your viewing pleasure, here is an adult crazylady playing in the snow…

To cope, I demanded PW take me to Brew City to get the veggie burger I was craving last week! It was all that I dreamed of, and made my quadricep feel slightly better (I think it pulled it somehow while pushing the snow around!). Hoping everything is back to normal tomorrow, because I could really use my 85 minute run!

Back tomorrow with less grainy, prettier snow pictures. Without the loopy woman in purple in them!


3 responses

  1. I so do not want to come back to that snowy crap. We get back monday morning at 10am after flying all night and the first thing we’re going to have to do is SHOVEL! Just like when we got back from FLorida. Honestly, I’m going to have to move if the weather keeps this crap up!!

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