Perfect Blue Buildings

Today has been…hectic.  One of those days where I wonder how the heck women can work full-time, have kids, AND a hobby (especially if that hobby is running/triathlon!).  This post is also going to come cross complainy-pants, just so you know!  It ends with some sweet (pun intended) pictures though!

I went to work today, chaperoned the after school acitivity and was home by 4.  At which point I tidied up then hit the grocery store.  Unfortunately, in a typical ThatRunnerChick moment, I forgot my debit card and had to be that girl paring down my groceries to fit into the cash budget I had ($14.75).

I guess I didnt really need those tomatoes anyways.

Came home, fried up an egg to eat (my first time frying an egg, btw), grabbed the dogs and drove to the vet (Im so messed up I just typed drived instead of drove!!!)

I was supposed to run 85 minutes tonight, but after getting home at 7:15 and sitting in our 58 degree house for 6 minutes, that was the literally that last thing I wanted to do.  Most times I can push myself to run and once I start I really enjoy it.  Not tonight.  Too cold/cranky/tired.  So I gave up the ghost, and decided to do what any sane person would do when they ip a run (dont worry, I just moved it to later in the week): Bake cookies from scratch.

Dont fear though, I am no longer seemingly cranky (ie stressed).  Not having to do my run when I dont want to tends to do that.

And the fact I have an awesome husband, 2 adorable dogs, a warm house, and a fulfilling job that I look forward to every day. Just the usual.

Oh, and  the cookies helped too!  And coming at you with a 10 mile run under my belt to make up for todays slacking!!


What does the phrase “give up the ghost” even mean?  I just wanted to use it and it sounded right in that sentence.  Did it make sense?!


4 responses

  1. I’m not sure what give up the ghost means, but I think if I think about it awhile I can come up with something good.
    Women who try to do it all end up going totally insane. I did. Then I quit my job and things got a little better. Someone told me once-you can do it all, just not all at once. I try to do most of it all at once, but there are limits (like the nut house starts calling your name… that’s how you know.)
    Is puppy okay? which one?
    You are human and make cookies instead of running sometimes. That makes you a good person in my book.

  2. To “give up the ghost” is a euphemism that means “to die or quit working”. It’s can be used more loosely, so yes, I think you used it correctly and it did make sense.

  3. Oh my!!That's a big Y-U-M!!\(^0^)/Ang sarap naman ng feioods ng weekend nyo!!Glad to hear that you and your friend Beth had yourselves pampered–dapat talagang merong ganun noh even once in a while.A 'ME' time.^_^

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