Trying to keep things interesting

With a 98 minute run on the treadmill looming before me this afternoon, I knew I had to do something to keep myself into it.  So I decided to go upstairs into the attic and retrieve my enormous CD collection (yes, I still own CD’s.  Yes, I am secretly 100 years old.)  Pretty much all the music I have from high school are either indie music, or oldies.  Or the Counting Crows (I own everything they have ever released, I think!  Fan girl for life.) Here is a sampling of the CD’s I am uploading now…I feel like its a pretty good personality insight!  To my teenage/college self at least.

I am only embarrassed about the Dashboard Confessional CD.

Look into my past:

I was minorly obsessed with him (Dashboard Confessional) in High School.  My friend Patrice and I would go see him at the Worcester Palladium as often as possible (Palladium=throwback!).  Well, I thought I was so hip and scene, that when he “sold out” I wore the t-shirts from his concerts with a huge silver duct tape X over the band name.  Looking back, I cannot believe I was that nerdy!!  Or that my friends let me be seen with them!

Also in the above pile:

-Joni Mitchell
-Alkaline Trio
-Counting Crows
-A mix CD that PW made me while we were dating (aww!)
-Blink 182 (I know, I know)
-Bright Eyes
-Tori Amos

I have a stack with about 15 total to transfer to iTunes, I feel like its going to take me the rest of the day!

I am hoping for NO SNOW DAYS this week despite the forecast for another 1-2 feet of snow!  AHH!  The rest of week includes having Ethan over for dinner (Lentil stew–new recipe, coming tomorrow! It involves chicken!), taking the pupinators to the vet for some shots, a million meetings at work, 39 miles of running, andddd hopefully some naps.

I have a serious nap problem.  I just love them.  It will not be happening today though.  I don’t know if you can tell by this SPAZZY blog entry, but I had my first cup of coffee in WEEKS this morning.  I am currently feeling super-energized and hoping that lasts for the run!

Weekly mileage post (and maybe the playlist I put together with my “newtome” music) coming tonight–

after my deadmill bonding time!!


8 responses

  1. Uh…. there is nothing to be ashamed of in having been a Dashboard fangirl… is there? We may or may not have driven back from NY after Thanksgiving blasting Swiss Army Romance in my car and screaming along the entire way home… hee hee

  2. i too own every counting crows album! actually back in high school i saw them play at a tiny little club in NJ – adam gave me the sweaty towel he was using when he got off the stage. i still have it. love CC 🙂

    • Get out! Good to know–I NEVER meet anyone who still listens to them/is obsessed with them. I am super jealous of the towel! I wanted to go to their 3 MA shows last year, but didnt have anyone to go with. Next time they come around we should go!!

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