A Weeks Worth of Workouts (WWW!) Jan 17th-Jan 23rd

Today marks the end of the first build week in this block. It is my last “easy month” of having weekly mileage in the high 30’s, low 40’s. Starting next month it is at 45 miles/week from there on out to race season!  Coincidentally, anti-social season also begins!
So without further ado:

Monday: 1 hour bike
Tuesday: 80 minute run (treadmill)
Wednesday: off
Thursday: 75 minute run (treadmill)
Friday: 46 minute run (treadmill), and a 1 hour bike
Saturday: 25 minute recovery run (outside)
Sunday: 98 minute run (treadmill)

Total: Right around 36 miles. Treadmill mileage is hard to commit to, because they are never calibrated the same (if at all)

And you read that right, New Years Resolution spot on–2 bike rides a week!

Yes, I did get outside…for 25 minutes. It was exceptionally snowy this week. Not that it stopped my husband from running outside, but I am so clumsy. I have fallen running in the middle of the summer (more than once), so add ice into the equation and bad things happen!

I just got home from my long run, where because of my earlier dedication, I was able to listen to Alkaline Trio’s entire album “Goddamnit” (Matt Skiba, I will forever love you) and Bright Eyes’ “Fever and Mirrors” which I havent listened to as a whole since 2002! It was swell and those CD’s made my run fly by!

Now, I am sitting here in my running clothes, eating the last of the beef stew I made and enjoying a glass of cabernet.  And basking in my clean house!


Whats your favorite CD of all time? Whats your favorite kind of music to run to?

Do you have a love or hate relationship with the treadmill?


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