Girl Talk

Re: My Subject–Do you guys remember it?  The game, not the band!

So last night. I don’t “go out” often (I am usually too tired from work/working out!), but when I do I like to dress up/do my hair and make-up etc. When I made Friday night plans, I decided to curl my hair and wear my favorite boots:

So anyways, last night I met up at Brew City with a couple of girls I haven’t seen since…2006. Yes, really! These were girls that I grew up though. We were close during middle school and high school, and our reunion was long overdue!

Colleen and Jackie



We ordered  pulled-pork nachos and chatted about what was going on (and by that I mean gossiped and caught up on lives!):



Me, Jack, Colleen:



After our nachos, we mosied on down to Victory, which is apparently a cigar bar (uh no, I dont smoke cigars, dont worry!) They had live music here, which was unexpected. And really cool, since no one but me was making requests. It was like having a real-life, acoustic, ThatRunnerChick Pandora station! He played a nice mix of Damien Rice, Counting Crows, and Gavin DeGraw for me:



So good to see these girls. Hopefully it is not another 6 years before I see them again!

Today I am to assist in a fundraising can drive for school, to raise money for the students Italy trip. And tonight is the QT2 coaches holiday party. Should be fun!

I leave you with a picture of the snow in our front yard….we are supposed to get another Noreaster this week–I dont think my dogs will be able to handle it. Nevermind the fact we have nowhere else to put any snow!


Have you ever been to a cigar bar?

Are you still friends with people from middle/high school?


2 responses

  1. No, never been to a cigar bar.
    Yes, Ange and Alina have been my best friends since middle school-ALina since elementary!
    Glad it was a great night. It is the best catching up with old friends.

    • I am jealous you still have a friend from elementary school! I work in the town where I grew up but dont really see many people from 20 years ago. And those that I do (not want to) see…well, I pretend I dont 🙂

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