Post-Run Update

I had to post again for a couple of reasons. First, is because I finally realized (after 6 years of steady running) that the saying: “You never regret a run is true. I REALLY didnt want to run today, I was falling asleep on the couch before I left. But once I got there and started I ended up doing 75 minutes instead, and feel MUCH better for it now!

Second, while running I remembered how hideous the picture of me below really is, so I had to put a “normal” picture in. So that you wouldnt think I always have stringy hair! This is me as we are leaving for the gym, in my most favorite (and grodiest) sweatshirt. I have literally had this for 10 years!


AND the real reason for me posting again:

This is our walkway. And that is a handprint in the snow. PW slipped on the way into the house and fell up to his shoulder in snow trying to save himself, and it was hilarious to me! Don’t worry (Coach Jesse, if you are reading this) he is a-okay. And will probably be mad at me for posting this!! HA!

Okay off for a protein smoothie and bed! Maybe a snow day tomorrow, either way: going out with some friends from high school so tune in tomorrow for some Brew City pics!


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