A peek into my treadmill runs

My husband took my iPod out on one of his runs the other day (yes, its pink.) When he got home he was seriously questioning my choice in music (and I think our marriage). You see, Im pretty easy to read when it comes to music:

-Acoustic (anything)
-Favorite band is Counting Crows

I have a very specific type of music. When I run though, all bets are off. You see, when PW was using my iPod, what he found was lots and lots of rap. The sort of stuff I would never sit around and listen to (David Banner?!). Here is my iTunes playlist for tonights run. (As soon as I hit publish on this blog I am off to do 70 minutes at our good ol’ YMCA.)

You can tell my run plan from the playlist. I am going to take it easy for the first half, running in the lower half of my Zone 1 HR. Then, halfway through-Bam. I have the Ying Yang Twins all up in there!

Side (random) note: please note how long my hair is. Last May I chopped most of it off but it grows back SO FAST!! (Feel free to ignore how tired I look and just focus on my Rapunzel like hair!)

Okay, wish me luck on my run. It is going to be a cold walk from my car to the gym!!


4 responses

  1. I like the inclusion of Damien Rice… he also cracks my playlist every once and awhile. Ever listen to Dashboard Confessional? If you are into accoustic, you may enjoy some of his earlier albums, but the latest ones have been equally as good. Thanks for the peek into your songs of choice. Cheers.

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