If it is free, it is for me!

I got an email yesterday saying that because our day was cancelled, and they couldnt cancel the catering, we would be able to eat the lunch they had planned for us today!  I dutifully lined up and waited my turn, I had 4 options:

1. Ham and Cheese

2. Hummus/Veggie wrap

3. Thanksgiving Sandwich

4. Italian Sandwich

I wanted turkey…but stuffing in a sandwich is too much bread for me.  So I went for the ham.  This is ASTOUNDING to my sister-in-law I am sure (Hi Dawn!), because I despise ham.  But I went for it:

I took out one piece of cheese and all but one piece of ham, but the sandwich was delicious!  The bread was the best part. A lot tastier than I thought ham was, though I dont think Ive had it since I was a kid. Maybe I am back on the ham-wagon? But again, you cannot beat free lunch!  Especially when it breaks up the monotony of my usual salad with chicken on top (I went crazy and brought leftover peas today, but now I can save them for tomorrow!)

I got home after a meeting and my after school gig, and was NOT feelin’ a run.  It was a recovery run but I was running on 4 hours of sleep and had super tired legs.  So I did what any normal girl would do: went grocery shopping with my husband and made him by me these, my instant mood booster:

PS when I google image searched “Sour Skittles”, this is the picture that came up:

(image source)

I wonder if that is what I look like when I eat them?

In order to make my blog more appealing to the women’s of the world (and Paul M. pause.), here is a picture of the backside of my husband as he loads our car up with groceries:

Your welcome!

(Hey, Fast Splits product placement right there too!)

There is rumor of a snow storm on Friday, coming in during the commute. Which of course lends itself to another snow day. I am sincerely hoping for NOT a snow day. A delay, sure. But I dont want to be teaching in July, Mother Nature!

To brighten your day:

Up close and personal with our 6 pound dog Chloe!


9 responses

  1. He didnt approve, I am the wife remember?! I make the approvals/disapprovals!!

    He is looking pretty skinny…but its only January. Wait until May when we are both cranky and hungry–saggy pants galore and no white bread in sight!

    PS hows the early nights going for you? I suddenly developed a “cant fall asleep until 11:30” complex and it STINKS!

  2. I KNEW I would hear from this first thing this morning and I did. I added my ride info. last night just before I crashed at 12:30; yep 12:30. Not my usual time, however, as I had explained to him I started on a recipe of this Gumbo that I didn’t realize until halfway through the recipe (at 9:30), that it then had to simmer for 2 hrs…Needless to say, my late night.
    Anyway, as soon as I hit enter into Addaero I knew by the time stamp that he would get on me which he did…
    Tell him to eat some glazed sticks…

    • that is SO funny to me, because he didnt even mention it! I only asked because this lack of sleep thing is driving me crazy. Heck, people dont even update facebook status’ at 11 on a Tuesday night! It makes me feel better that you were up too, though. Albeit enjoying gumbo while I was bemoaning being awake 🙂

      • I might be able to go if we flight on on Thursday. If not, he will totally be looking for that roommate. I am holding on to a sliver of hope I will be there though. It all depends on SNOW DAYS, as thats the week school gets out!!

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