Drastic Measures

Yesterday, I was feeling lazy, and didnt feel like going to the grocery store. I made myself a “pantry dinner”–a dinner of things currently in the house (tacos) and figured I could stop to restock our fridge on the way home from work today.

Not in a million years thinking work be cancelled. We were getting snow-yes. But it was a professional development day which means no kids, no early morning, and no busses. But at 6:15 a cacophony of noises awoke me. Emails, text messages, phone calls. School was cancelled. I peek outside, see the snow, decide with PW we will go to the gym after lunch (him to swim, me to run) and roll back over.

We did make it to the gym around 2:30. I did bang out 80 minutes on the treadmill (running on a leftover taco from last night–perfect fuel?! the caffeinated gel at 30min helped too 🙂 ) The roads were horrendous. I wasnt hungry. We got home and hit me: no food. DARN! I did all my recovery stuff, took a shower, then ate a grapefruit as I pondered what to make for dinner.

This is what I came up with, its quite a mix:

(steamy peas!)

Peas (my second favorite vegetable, toasty veggie burger, garlic bread (make on a sandwich thin with a single serve stick of cheese cut up on top!) and the leftover taco from last night. Theres only half a taco there because I ate the first half while everything cooked!
This was clearly a last resort meal because everything (minus the leftover taco) was frozen!

Ended up being pretty tasty and filling me up though! Now I am battening down the hatches because it is getting icy out there–hoping we dont lost power! A three day work week this week–crazy!


3 responses

  1. NO SCHOOL?!?! LUCKY!!! Is there a ton of snow? Love that your run was fueled by taco’s from the night before!! 80 minutes, AWESOME!!! Can we just live off of candy together….that was the best thing I have heard all day, thank you for the comment…I love knowing others are just as obsessed. I LOVE PEAS and especially steamy ones! Do you think you will have tomorrow off too?

    • woop woop found it! It was a PD day which makes it even more awesome, because hopefully we wont have to make it up in June! Hopefully we do have school tomorrow…mid-terms start on Friday and I have to study urging to do!!

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