I have grown a type of addiction over the last week. You see, that snow day Wednesday left me a good chunk of free time. So I downloaded and read a book that I have been reading reviews about for a while (most recently on Julie’s blog). I was hesitant to read it. Its cast at Young Adult, and part of a trilogy. This is the kiss of death for me (sounds reminiscent of…Twilight!). However I went for it, and on that snowy Wednesday I sat down and read The Hunger Games. In one sitting, in its entirety. I have never read an actual page turner until this book. (Despite me having a Kindle and no pages to turn! 🙂 ) It was unbelievable, and I immediately had to download the next two: Catching Fire and The Mockingjay.

I started reading Catching Fire yesterday (last night around 10) and read until 1am (an unheard of time for me), then finished it this morning. Then I started The Mockingjay. Today I have read it:

-on my couch in my pajamas
-while I was brushing my teeth
-while I was on the bike:

-while I ate extremely tiny Ritz crackers:

and while I ate dinner. And as soon as I finish this blog entry Ill be back to it!

Side note, non book related. Please scroll up to the bike riding picture. Notice what is on television? That is The Bad Girls Club. Don’t judge. I love it. And I feel like the expression on Darlene’s face PERFECTLY represents the ENTIRE show! Anyone else watch it? Am I right?

And lastly look at this awesome shirt my brother got me:


Now back to my book!


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