Culinary Olympics and a one meal kinda day

Last night was my grandmother’s 70th birthday dinner. Whenever it is one of our birthdays, she cooks. Since it was hers, my uncle the chef made dinner for us all. He is not just a chef though. He’s one of the best chefs ever. Like, he went to Johnson and Wales and won a bronze medal in the Culinary Olympics. He is that kind of chef. Our dinner was of course unbelievable:

Started with a cheese/cracker plate full of stone ground crackers and deliciousness:

Then we moved on to the main event: Twice baked potatoes (my favorite) haricots vert with shallots and red pepper, and a stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon. With supreme sauce on the side. A-ma-zing. One of the best meals I have ever had.

I was obviously in a food coma at this point. So we came home, and I lay my little head down just waiting for my next bacon event that was happening in 12 hours!

I rolled out of bed super early and RUSHED to get my oil changed. To say I was overdue would be a gross understatement. Got that out of the way then hustled over to breakfast with my father (who was home from Florida for the weekend), 3 of his friends, and my brother. Here is my dad (left) and Dean The Machine (right):

I decided to go completely anti-core and order a huge breakfast intending to make that my one meal of the day. In an effort to save money, of course. It is completely unhealthy, but I legitimately will not be able to eat anything else all day: I had breakfast at 10 and I am still not hungry at 3pm! Here is what I ate (minus 1 egg and 1 triangle of toast):

What can I say? I LOVE breakfast food!! That was eggs, homefries, toast, bacon, french toast, coffee, and orange juice. And worth every calorie (and fat gram!)

One of my last errands for the day was to go pick up dog food. Our dogs weigh a COMBINED 15 pounds, but man can they eat! And in case you were wondering, they eat on The Core too!

Got home and immediately got to work on one of my New Year’s Resolutions: filing! I sorted and filed all of our bills and such. Now we just have to keep up with it!

That brings us up to now. Now that the blog is updated I am off to run at the gym. Hopefully it will be empty due to parties to watch some football game thats on tonight!

EDITED TO ADD: I should have clarified: that was my only meal BEFORE my run. I didnt have nearly enough protein today to recover from that run! So since I JUST got home from the gym, made myseld a Super Woman Smoothie with 53 grams of protein for some recovery!! Yes those are fish oils on the side!! đŸ™‚


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  1. OK, how sad is it that I’m sitting here drooling over your descriptions of the amazing food while I’m eating…..a grapefruit. And by the way, your dogs combined weigh about what my CAT weighs!

  2. Wow, that’s a lot of delicious food in one place. I need someone in my family to win the culinary Olympics and then cook for me daily haha. Also I am in desperate need of an oil change as well, yikes!

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