Holy Smokes!

It has been a heck of a week around here. I am going to try and smush it all into one entry–we will see how that goes!

Wednesday we had an enormous snowstorm in these parts, resulting in a whopping 23 inches of snow and a YMCA closing. I was SUPPOSED to run 50 minutes in a recovery zone (because its a recovery week-holla!) but instead due to the Y closing for the day, I shoveled- a lot. Which also meant I have to make up volume during the rest of the week.

Yesterday (Thursday) was our faculty choir. It was intense! We were part of a show that had our school’s A Capella group, along with a professional college A Capella group. It was a TON of fun. Prior to that I had to supervise an after school club and somehow (a miracle because usually 4pm is nap time) I managed to fit in a 30 minute run between the two events.

Today was pretty awesome at work because I got a LOT done. Most of my mid-terms are written (well, typed…) and all my review sheets are set. AND I am planned for Wednesday. I feel exceptionally relaxed right now! Perhaps that is why I was super psyched to do my run this afternoon.

Which brings us to this memorable run…
You see, it is a recovery week which means I am supposed to run a 5k this weekend. Unfortunately, that snowstorm has considerably narrowed the roads here, and along with some light snow tomorrow morning I definitely did not want to race (wimp!). I am scared of slipping anyways, but add to that sprinting and a literal ton of snow, and I am OUT!

Instead, PW told me if I didnt do the race, I would have to do 4 by 1 mile speedwork. If you refer to reasons above, I would be doing it on the treadmill. So I finished up at work, hit the grocery store because we are drastically low on Naturally More PB, and ate one of these on the way to the gym:

And after not having coffee or any other caffeine (not even Diet Coke) for a week–you can bet I was SUPER caffeinated. So I hopped on the treadmill and did a 15 minute warm-up. The treadmills were starting to get busy, so I was nervous Id be kicked off mid-workout. Thankfully, it didnt happen.

Okay, so 15 minute warm-up. Then 4 miles with 90 seconds in between each one, as hard as I can. I went back in my memory to the 5k last month and decided to start conservatively (if you recall, I exploded and ended up averaging 7:40 pace–35 seconds off my goal pace per mile!)

Mile 1: 7:20. Felt good. Rocked out to Missy Elliot’s Ching-a-ling remix.
90 second rest.
Mile 2: 7:15. Felt good. Rocked out to Ludacris’ “Stand Up” and “Boom Boom Pow” by the Black Eyed Peas
90 second rest, hard to get my HR down here. Was 190 while standing there!
Mile 3: 7:10. HR topped out at 206. Was listening to Salt Shake by the Ying Yang Twins and trying not to shake my booty to it!
90 second rest. Legs ache. But only one more!
Mile 4: 7 flat. I started at 7:08 pace and sneaked down to 6:53 pace, averaging 7 minutes. At this point my HR was a consistent 206 and I was flinging sweat everywhere.

It was a far cry from my 5k PR speed but for a January afternoon on the treadmill I will take it!!

Now I am off to cheer at a basketball game. I am all about good (cheap) fun as of late!


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