Blizzard Numero Dos

Last night, I went to the gym to get in my 40 (!) minute run (heck yeah recovery week!), and could not find a parking spot. It is a YMCA, with an enormous parking lot and people were parked on the lawn, the street, everywhere. I drove around for 10 minutes waiting but got so frustrated I just left! I am not super confrontational about things like that, so when someone else goes to get my spot, I just ‘let it happen’.

So, needless to say, my run didnt happen yesterday. And today is yet another snowpocolypse, so hopefully it stops soon enough for me to get to the gym! We are at 18 inches so far out here, and it is still piling up! PW and I already shoveled, thankfully. It took a while but now the next shoveling escapade will be way easier! We could definitely lose a dog out there–the snow is twice their height!

Random side note: I havent had coffee since last Friday. I wasnt motivated to make it last Saturday and since then, I just havent made any. It hasnt really changed my afternoon crashes though. As soon as the sun sets (at 5pm) I pass out, wherever I am. And sleep for at least an hour. Maybe now is the time to make the switch to green tea>

Back later with snow pictures!


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