Last long run in a 3 week build!

Well after all the fun on Friday night, and all the sleep and recuperation (and 45 minute run) on Saturday, today was my day to git ‘er done. So I awoke and hit the grocery store right away. Did some serious laundry, some serious cleaning, and some SERIOUS lesson planning for tomorrow (that is way early for me! Usually I would be doing it now!). Then I had time to hydrate and read the end of the book I was really into before The Long Run. This is the end of a 3 week build, culminating in a 89 minute long run on the treadmill. Next week is another 5k!

After I got home from my long run I had one of these to rehydrate (I was really thirsty!

It was WAY better than I expected! If I could afford them, I would have it every day. It is advertised as having more electrolytes then a sports drink and more potassium then 2 bananas–right up my alley!

After my Rehydration Time, I made a nice little dinner for PW and I. No pictures though–along with being really thirsty, I was really famished. Breaded chicken, roasted potatoes, and broccoli. Taking advantage of all the calories I burned tonight. Especially because next week is a recovery week and I need to reign things back in!!

I have volunteered to start chaperoning an after school activity, so that starts tomorrow. Along with a vet appointment for our pups!

And now…I am settling in watching The Craigslist Killer, finally!


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