Some food from the week

Busy week this week! A lot of running, and lesson planning, culminating in the Math Department holiday party last night!

Thursday night I got home from running at the gym around 8…and was famished (of course). So we decided to go to Brew City, because we LOVE their turkey and veggie burgers! I usually order the veggie burger but I figured my energy was flagging due to lack of protein so I ordered a turkey burger with swiss cheese. With bacon (which was round. That was pretty intense for me) AND caramelized onions (my favorite). And sweet potato fries. This whole meal was to die for! Check out the cross section:

Last night was the Math Party, for which I made a cheesecake. It nearly killed me not being able to try it (this is the major downfall of bringing pies/cakes to parties–you can’t try them first!). I did try it last night though and it totally passed the test. I took the picture on our “future counter” (it doesnt have a countertop yet!)

I also saw this fantastic Pi(e) plate!

And I may or may not have played a couple rounds of Set:
(Math Nerd Alert!)

There was a ton of other good food there, but I was having way too much fun to take pictures of it!!

Lastly, tonight we went to O’Connor’s for the first time.

I had heard good things about this restaurant and PW really wanted to check out their sweet potato fries! We walked in and–at 6pm on a Saturday night–NO WAIT! I am already a fan. We sat down to a menu filled with traditional Irish food along with some pub staples. I ordered a mug of the Famous Onion Soup to start–how good does that cheese look?!

I also had the Chicken and Vegetable Pie (unpictured!), and could only eat about half! It was the best restaurant pot pie I had ever had, so I left a happy customer!

I ran outside today for the time all week. I hate the gym on Saturdays (especially in JANUARY! The gym is too busy!) It was cold, but not too bad! 5k next weekend….

Good luck to the 2 people I know doing the Disney Marathon tomorrow, Jeff and Rachel!


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  1. Next time you are near the in-laws house, go to Dave’s Diner (I think Dawn knows where it is) for their pot pie–best pot pie I have every had. (c;

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