PW’s Physical Therapy

So, for as long as I have known PW, he has had a nagging knee issue. It would get more severe in the winter (after his off time) and then get better during race season. This year he finally took matters into his own hands, and after weeks of time off, massage, icing and stretching, and this time it not getting better, he made an appointment with a physical therapist. He had gotten great recommendations about a local triathlete, Mike Roberts. He is a local (very fast) triathletes that we had seen around at races so PW decided to take a chance and head in.

PW headed there last week and had GREAT (promising results) from that one visit. And from what Mike told him, because it made everything make sense. You see, PW has infamously tight hips and quads. Turns out he also has ZERO (none, nada, zilch) lateral rotation in his hip. OH, so THATS why he has these issues!

Last night we went back so Mike could show him some moves to strengthen up his glutes, and do some more work on the area:

He was thorough, he was friendly, he is an athlete so he gets it (as PW said: “he understands that I can’t just take two weeks off, I need active recovery). And he is an example of my favorite trait in a physical therapist: he knows his stuff. So huge props to Mike, because PW is already pain free and working on strengthening the problem area. If you need to see a PT and are in Central Mass, I recommend him FOR SURE: His website can be found here!


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