Dentist Visit and Dinner!

First day back at school after winter break today. I had high hopes of getting there SUPER early. Unfortunately, my iPhone had other ideas. And by other ideas I mean malfunctioning ideas. That lousy piece of metal didnt ring at 5am like I nicely requested! My morning started out a wee bit rushed. And a wee bit stressed–not only was I late but I had a dentist appointment right after work.

A little background: I have horrible teeth. And a horrible candy addiction problem to boot. And to make matters worse I havent been to the dentist in three years. The last time I had dental insurance was when I worked in Boston Public Schools. A year back at school and a year as a long-term = low-priority teeth!

Anyways, so I get to the dentist, nervous as all get out I will have to get dentures my teeth are so bad. And the hygienist says to me “Do you floss regularly?” (Like they always ask) to which I respond “YEP!…can you tell?” (Fear is a great motivator!) Moral of the story: yes! they can tell!

Point of the story: she cleans my teeth, dentist comes in and checks them out: NO CAVITIES! I literally have never been to the dentist and NOT had at least 1. And then I skip out for 3 years and end up with none? Heck yeah! Elaine would be proud!

I made the dentist high-five me after he told me the news…it may or may not have been awkward.

I wanted to take pictures of my sweet, clean, white teeth and they all came out wacky. Like, super lock me up kind of wacky. So much so, that these two were the best (okay and most hilarious) of the bunch. I told you I was SUPER EXCITED about the No Cavity Visit!

Lastly: dinner tonight. I breaded and sauteed some chicken (this was sooooo good) and roasted some potatoes. PW had a veggie stir-fry as a side instead of potatoes. Again: Best. Chicken. Ever!

I am off to bed, with about 6 alarm clocks set for the AM because I am paranoid now! Tune in tomorrow with a synopsis (pictures included) of PW’s Physical Therapy appointment! And perhaps a rundown of my treadmill 70 minute run?


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