Weekly Run Recap

Another week into the 2011 season is complete. We had some very unseasonably warm temperatures here this week (you know, after the blizzard), that allowed me to run in shorts the last couple of days!

I am going to start posting my end of week summary…so at least I have record of it somewhere!

Monday– 30 minutes ZR (recovery) (3 miles)
Tuesday– 75 minutes treadmill (8.7 miles)
Wednesday– Had too much fun Tuesday and had to take the day off!
Thursday– 60 minutes treadmill (7 miles)
Friday– 40 minutes treadmill (with sister-in-law!) (4.7 miles)
Saturday– 45 minutes OUTSIDE! (super flat and fast 5.5 miles–8:30 average pace!)
Sunday– 83 minutes outside, in shorts, in my old stomping ground! (hilly 9.2 miles)

Total– About 38 miles for the week.

Next week is 33 miles (along with 2 bike rides per my New Years Resolution!), followed by a recovery week with another…yep, you guessed it: 5k!

My Zone 1 pace continues to drop, which is of course exciting. The only thing holding it back from being the fastest it can be is the same old thing: body comp. I just love guacamole too much! And its hard to think about summer races when it’s January, cold, and I am hungry!

I did start the day off right though. Pre-run fuel was a Medium Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee (skim milk and 1 sugar please!) and this, which is the first I have EVER made:

Also, currently snacking on these, my favorite fruit of the season:

To end this post, a little math humor (extra funny because I always say “FOILED!” when something doesn’t go my way!)


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  1. I can’t believe this warm weather too! While I’m ready for spring and running outside again in some ways, I also had amazing days in the snow – downhill skiing, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. I think I could take another blizzard soon. 🙂

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