A QT2 5k

This morning we woke up bright and early for PW to do his 2nd 5k of the season. This was supposed to be a flat, well-run race in Needham. Imagine our surprise when we show up with Andy, to see Tim, Cait, and Charlie. It was like a unintentional QT2 convention!

While they warmed up, I started my 45 minute run. I made a quick stop to watch the race start:

I then met them at the finish. It was an unbelievable race for QT2. Tim, Pat, and Andy were 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Cait was also 2nd, right behind the 1st place girl. And this is with everyone being over race weight (like, 10 pounds over–it is January people!). And very exciting: PW PR’ed. He ran 17 minutes even. It is sort of a big deal to PR in your second 5k of the season–no speed work has been done yet!

Post race pictures:

Wait, what? Oh here:

Andy, Cait, Tim, Charlie, and Pat. Immediately post-running (hence the dishevelment!).
And PW getting his award, a sweet thermos:

Tim also donated his to the cause (me) so we have matching ones!

This week has been awesome running, I will post a recap of it all tomorrow. After my 83 minute run outside, that I will be doing in shorts! (Thank you New England warm front!)

Psssst….check out Charlie’s new site, for all things Triathlon related. The motto is “For triathletes, by triathletes” to give you an idea! You can find the site here: TriDigest

Hope everyone had a fun New Year’s!


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  1. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Glad I found yours!!! You are super speedy!!! Definitely check out the fighter- Christian Bale is amazing… look forward to reading more…

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