Asked and Answered

You guys asked some thought-provoking and funny questions! Here are the first few (I hope to do this again…so keep asking away!)

1.) Do you amp up your workout/run routine when you have a vacation? or are you going to do
more relaxing next week?

I am on winter break right now (for those of you that don’t know!). My running has a very specific progression, so it is what is is whether I am working 100 hours or 3 hours. My schedule for the year is planned out at the very end of my “off time” by my awesome coach, so there is no getting around it.
However, I usually have no time to swim. I like swimming as a recovery activity (same with cycling), so I AM going to amp that up this week. And by amp up, I mean actually go and do it!

2.) Bucket list?

Ive never really thought about this before. Visit France and learn to speak French fluently are at the top of the list. Be a foster home for dogs is another (we need a bigger yard first!). Oh and run a super fast marathon 🙂

3.) Why does your husband wear your running pants?

Legitimate question! I bought a pair of running pants long before I knew PW, and when I was a little…heavier. One day he was at my house and needed running pants, and before I knew it, I had involuntarily gifted them to my future husband. Which is totally cool now because they are too big, and always were wayyyyy too long!

4.) What does it mean when PW says, “em, nom, nom…”

One day I was enjoying a snack (my delicious chewy multivitamins!) on the couch, with a stuffy noise. I was a little louder than your average bear because I could hardly breathe. It was at this time that PW told me I was actually making the “internet noise” for chewing…aka “Om, nom, nom”. Here is a website with some Om nom nom pictures that will help clarify!

5.) If you had to pick one thing that was most important in making you a good runner (besides genetics), what would you say it is?

Good one! I am going to assume you dont mean me, but in general what makes a good runner (because I know I am awesome 😉 ). I think genetics plays a very small role in being a “good runner”. Way more important than genetics is consistency. Years and years of it.

Here is a very short-term example. In 2009, I did RAGNAR in September. My zone 1 run pace (meaning at a specific heart rate) was 8min miles when I did the race. After the race I took 6 months off from running. When I finally got back into it last year, my Zone 1 pace was at 10:30’s at that same heart rate.

However, this year before the marathon (2010) my zone 1 pace was again 8 minute miles (no improvement from last year). I took 3 weeks off and came back and my zone 1 pace is already back to 8:40’s.

With consistency, you are able to build on fitness. When race season starts again, my zone 1 pace (and therefore race pace) will be much faster. Without consistency you are just losing and regaining the same fitness.

Consistency allows you to build a base and to keep building on that foundation…

Wow, again, this was a great question!

6.) When you coming to FL to visit the old folks??

HOPEFULLY SOON! I want to run outside again! Too. much. snow.


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