Exciting BrooksID News!

Christmas was, of course, lovely. I have a pretty epic Christmas gifts +Christmas Day post in the works at the moment. If you havent heard, a snowpocolypse is coming here to the NorthEast and there will be plenty of time for blogging (while we still have power at least!). I have broken down this entry into three categories (coincidentally also the title to my blog): Life (exciting news), Food (Christmas food!), and Running (its cold here!).


But, back to the point of the entry, I was caught off guard by something I got in the mail yesterday. It went to our old address, so I had no idea it had even come. It was a Brooks contract for 2011! I was on the ID team last year, and this year they had switched to invite only, and got rid of the “regular team” so I thought I was dunzo. But I open a letter from Washington to find this:

I am sooo excited! The P.A.C.E team! Can’t wait to race in the uniform!


Let me throw in a couple of Christmas Eve pictures while you are still reading….

Christmas Eve we went to PW’s grandparents house to have dinner and participate in the always-hilarious Yankee Swap. While there, I played against Nick in the Droid version of Words With Friends. I kicked his butt resulting in this picture:

I saved that picture as “SadNick.jpg”. I could have done “LosingNick.jpg” but felt it might be too harsh.

Pre-Christmas, PW and I decided that we would half-do the diet until Christmas and then put all our chips in on the 26th, going hard (ie walking the straight and narrow Core Diet line) because we both have half-marathons coming up. I took that as a challenge, and after all that Scrabble-ing worked up an appetite, this was my dinner:

Roast beef, turkey, mashed potatoes, homemade mac and cheese (with pancetta-amazing), green beans (under the cow), bread with butter. I did in fact eat all of it. Along with my fair share of appetizers (which included, but is not limited too: lamb, bruschetta, salsa and chips, creamcheese raisin dip), and dessert (frosted brownies, cookies, trifle, oreo bark). Let me tell you, when necessary, I can eat almost my weight in good food!


The 5k last week completely wrecked me in that my Zone 1 pace dropped so much my legs cant keep up with my cardiovascular system!
I had to run 25 minutes on Christmas Day, in the flat land of Bridgewater. After running 9:15s on the treadmill in the middle of Zone 1, I was NOT prepared to run 8:30’s yesterday outside! Felt like I was sprinting the whole time, but of course I am not complaining, because running is more fun that way!
Today was long run day, and due to the impending blizzard and unreasonably cold temps (Mario and PW would disagree with that statement) I decided to do it at the gym. 77 minutes and 9 miles later, I was actually psyched to see that perhaps yesterday’s run was not a fluke–I really am getting faster! Excited for the coming week–have a lot of miles on tap!

Check back in because entries in the works include: Christmas post (presents galore!), Asked and Answered post (have gotten some awesome questions so far: Go here if you have any questions you want me to answer on the blog!), and exciting trip news!!


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