Almost there…

A random concoction of things:

Getting close to being finished with my Christmas shopping. I have been running around like a mad person trying to fit it all in. We don’t have much time to do anything on Christmas Eve before our travels start (just a quick run!), and Thursday is an hour run and an afternoon dedicated to my baking (after work of course), so I am flustered!

Half my presents are wrapped (those Ball jars are a gift hint for some gals!)

Luckily, since he is so hard to shop for, PW and I decided instead of buying each other gifts this year we were going to donate some stuff to a charity near and dear to our hearts…The Worcester Animal Rescue League. Everytime we drive by, it breaks our hearts to think about those pups all alone in there at night! I did get him one small thing but a picture will have to wait until the 26th!!

If you have been wondering why I haven’t been using my DSLR for pictures lately, its because I am an idiot. I kept trying to take pictures and it wouldnt budge. I was getting an annoying yellow 0 flashing on the screen. I havent had much time to do research on it but finally got fed up and googled it. Get this–it just means your memory card is full. DERRRR!! Thats right, I had 800 pictures just hanging out on my camera. Transferred them over and now it is ready to get back in the game.

Like for pictures of tonight’s dinner….

Or this picture I took of Kona. It was my “test picture” to see if downloading all the pictures on the card had fixed my issue. Looks like I caught her by surprise, huh?

Still trying to decide what I am baking for the upcoming holiday parties. An appetizer for one and dessert for another. I was thinking cheesecake, because really, when is cheesecake NOT appropriate? As for an appetizer…I really wanted to do something with bacon. Or prosciutto (bacons classier cousin). Still doing research, but the countdown is on!

Lastly, I was thinking of doing a “Asked and Answered” blogpost. To do, I need questions asked so I can answer them!! My new FormSpring account can be found here..ask me anything anonymously so I can answer it on the bloggidy blog!

I mean…who wouldn’t want to ask this lovely lady anonymous questions? Perhaps about things like looking good and staying trim? And how to find hats for an enormous head, maybe…


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  1. Yum! Charcuterie is cminog up a lot lately. Jesse joined us last week on KGSR and his breakfast sausage and boudin blanc is awesome — especially when paired with his sauces and jams.I met the Kocurek's on Saturday at Sunset Valley and sampled some of their wares. The food is really delicious and I'm looking forward to trying more.Viva la Charcuterie 😉

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