QT2 Systems Team Party and Food from 12/18/10

Where did I leave off? After the 5k yesterday, we had french toast. And then for lunch I had an awesome sandwich:

chicken, bacon, lettuce, and tomato. Ethan showed me up by making this epic salad:

Then we hit up the QT2 Party!!!

Pictures of peeps first, food second.

Me and PW (does anyone else always do that awful default angle when they take a picture? Trying to work on that!)

(Props to Charlie for the picture!)

Nancy and Rick:

Me and Brian:

And Charlie and Jane:

You sure can tell which pictures where taken with a nice camera and which were taken with my phone!

Now onto the food. I love Maggiano’s. The food is good. And plentiful. We started out with spinach artichoke dip, calamari, and stuffed mushrooms. I ate my fair share while getting to catch up with some people I havent seen in a long time, it was great!

Dinner started with a cobb salad (worst picture of the bunch, but most delicious salad!)

Then the main courses. Pasta with mushrooms and chicken, chicken parm (its so good here), a random addition of mashed potatoes (i just really wanted them), and cheese ravioli in alfredo sauce. I could hardly eat this all, I was so stuffed at this point! I did make a serious dent though 🙂

And dessert was the infamous puff pastry ice cream concoction and cheesecake with strawberries. I may or may not have eaten that entire piece of cheesecake. Myself. Minus the whipped cream though, I have some self control.

We then went across the street to hang out for a little bit, getting home at 2:45 this morning (unheard of in this house!). After a good night we rolled out of bed at 10AM, and now PW is getting ready to run and I am getting ready to scavenge for something to eat….even though I am kind of still full from last night!

I have a short run planned for today (recovery, even though I dont feel all that bad despite racing yesterday?!), some lesson planning, and some Christmas shopping. Already looking forward to the next holiday party!!


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