CMS 5k–First of the season

This morning was my first 5k of the new season after 3 weeks off. It was the CMS race out of Worcester State. A tour de Worcester if you will! I knew it was going to be bad–I am still 10 pounds overweight. It was way worse than I thought! But man, am I glad its over because I got to eat awesome french toast post run!

So, the race started at 9am. I had an english muffin and a cup of coffee at 7:30–no applesauce today! Ethan was up and eating at 6am, he’s a way better direction follower than I am!

Got there at 8:15, registered, did a 10 minute warm-up run and had a Double Latte gel 15 minutes out. Here I am, super psyched about starting (it was cold-I wanted to be running asap!)

(Please ignore the tired eyes–I am feeling beat up from the week!)

Starting running, everything was perfect. Went out a little too hard. Mostly because SOMEONE set the pace for the group at 5:30 right out of the gate. And I got sucked into the group mentality! Slowed it down and ran the first mile at 7:08. Perfect. Right on schedule.

Mile 2 starts and it is hilly! There are equal amount of uphill and downhill at this point. Second mile 7:41. Oops. About 30 seconds too slow!

Mile 3, we turn into the wind. PW told me my race plan was to make the first mile feel comfortable, 2 mile push it a little bit, third mile go all out. Think I messed that up because my third mile was 8:14!!! Yep, as usual I exploded! First 5k where I have contemplated walking. Brutal!

I finished in 23:30, a 7:40 average, so about 1:30 slower than I had anticipated. And it hurt. A lot. Cannot believe I ran a marathon 2 months ago, I feel like I have no fitness whatsoever!
My average heart rate was 196, my max was 206. Yep.

Came back and made french toast for the group, it was so good. Way better than Denny’s!

In case you were wondering, Ethan ended up winning (of course) in 16 something.

Now, I have a day of correcting and lesson planning. And the QT2 Team party which I am majorly excited about because its at Maggiano’s!!


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