End of the day

Before leaving for the gym I made a monstrous salad for lunch tomorrow (I am predicting hunger–I am always famished the day after a long run):

And had a quick snack of homemade toast two ways: Butter on one, and Naturally More Peanut Butter on the other (I watch too much Top Chef)

Bought some new music off iTunes to keep me entertained (Mumford and Sons “Sign No More” and David Gray’s “Greatest Hits”.)

Drove to the gym and settled in to a 77 minute view of this:

Was driven bonkers (again) by the fact there is no way to override the treadmill so it wont turn off every 30 minutes (I asked the Staff, they said it isn’t impossible…any of you readers know how?!)

And then had a drink of Endurox:

I prefer Fruit Punch, but Orange was staring me right in the face!

On the gym note, does people watching entertain you all as much as it does me? I dont know why, but people stretching on the treadmill, for longer they are going to walk/run for, never fails to crack me up. And the people who constantly flex for themselves in the mirror (there are a lot of these–we spend a lot of time in the “masculine weight section” of the gym).

And lastly–Body fat percentage testing was today. I am….get this…EIGHT PERCENT LOWER than I was at this time last year. That is so crazy to me. Yes, I did take 6 months off last year compared to 3 weeks this year, but holy cow! PW lost 3% over the last 3ish weeks and I lost 2%. Heading in the right direction! I sure do miss the amount of pizza and ice cream we were eating before though 😉

Now I am settling in for a night of correcting, have it get it all done this week!

PS. Happy birthday to Megan (today) and Shan (tomorrow)!!!!


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